Beginning Therapy

Adult ADHD treatment: Medication, therapy options, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary changes

People of all ages can have ADHD, but specific treatment options apply to each age group. For adults, the medications, therapies, and lifestyle adjustments will be different than for adolescents or children. Like other mental health conditions, treatment options will be adapted to fit the needs of the individual.  Some…

Solution-focused brief therapy: Benefits, techniques, and whether it’s right for you

The field of psychology is constantly evolving, both in areas of research and through the development of cutting-edge therapeutic methods. Mental health professionals who work as clinicians are always looking to use the most successful techniques—and deciding which method or approach to use is highly dependent on the client’s needs…

What is geek therapy? What are its benefits?

Geek therapy is a mental health intervention that incorporates so-called nerd culture into the therapeutic process. It’s a method that mental health professionals can utilize to reach clients who are interested in anime, gaming, comics, and other traditionally “nerdy” pursuits. Geek therapy operates on the principle of affinity, meaning that…

Empathic responding (or active listening) in counseling: A basic, yet essential response for counselors to master in their practice

Have you ever wondered what makes for a positive therapist-client relationship and an overall successful therapy journey? Maybe you’re a past/present therapy client who wants to better understand how this process works. Maybe you’re considering therapy and you’re hoping for some insight that’ll help you start believing in the journey….

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