Team Thriveworks has been hard at work the last several weeks, getting our 6th location (Thriveworks Richmond Counseling) up and running.

No matter how many times we do this–and we’ve done it quite a few now, we are always surprised at the amount of time, money, and time it takes to outfit a new office space.

The day started in Forst Virgina. We packed the car at 6:30am, and headed out to Richmond, VA. Richmond is only 2.5 hours from Forest, so this was actually fantastic as we are usually making 10 hour car rides, or shipping Everything and taking a plane.

The Richmond Office Building

Months before making this trip, we had numerous trips to Richmond to scope out the best location, with the best accommodations for our counseling and coaching centers. Since we have evening and weekend hours, we needed to find a landlord that would give us extended access for our clients, and unlimited heat and AC. “The Vistas II” was awesome, and built out a space to exactly our specifications; with sound proofing and using Thriveworks paint colors. Awesome.

Class A office space doesn’t come cheap. However, we don’t need a “retail” location, so we do save some costs there.

While Dr. Fred waited for the Furniture to be delivered, I headed out to buy a few last minute items: $700 in last minute items.

I get back and the furniture has arrived. However, we change suppliers this time and the furniture needs to be assembled. We have ALMOST all the tools we need to do this…

13 chairs need to be unboxed, assembled, and upholstered. We have found that 3 chairs in a therapy office works just as good as a couch. Buying couches is often more affordable. However, then you have the big question—will it fit up the….

…Stairwell?! In this case, it probably would have–but we weren’t taking any chances!

Dr. Fred unpacks and upholsters 13 chairs (on his birthday!) while he re-thinks his life choices. 😉

Eight hours in and what will become Thriveworks Richmond Therapy still looks like a disaster. It’s not near finished, and we have long since wished we went on Craigslist or TaskRabbit to find some 19-year-olds to help us break down an ocean of cardboard.

While the office suite is not nearly done, a lot of progress was made. We are encouraged to see that some of the rooms are even starting to look like counseling / life coaching offices. Woohoo!

A few final pics on out way out the door. 1-2 more days of setup is all that’s needed to complete the job.