NBCC needs to embrace 2013

I took and passed the NCMHCE a few years ago, and I needed a copy of my scores. Just a copy. This should be simple. Right?

Not really…

First, the cost for a copy of one’s scores is $60. Okay, $60. You have costs, we all need to win here. No Problem–here’s $60. NBCC emails me their official request form, which asks for my CC number. I complete it, and email it back.

Then, I received this:

“Good afternoon.
NBCC currently only accepts payments through fax and mail. Have a wonderful day.
NBCC Admin Gate Keeper
Administration Department
National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates, Inc.”

Really? That seems odd. It’s 2013. And you did just email me the form; you obviously have email. You really accept only fax and paper mail? Ok, Fine. I faxed the form, and then email NBCC to make sure the fax was received, and to ask when I’ll get a COPY (just a copy!) of my scores.

Greetings Gatekeeper,
Per your policy, my payment information and formal request was faxed to your offices this (Tuesday) morning.
I am emailing to confirm that the document was received, and to inquire as to the time frame for receiving a record on my NCMHCE scores.
Thank you sincerely!

I received this back:

“Your fax was received, and it takes approximately 6 weeks from the time your account is charged for the scores to be sent.  Have a wonderful day.


I called, to politely confirm that they understood that all I need is a COPY of my scores. I’m not waiting for them to grade a test or anything. I’m polite, but I’m given attitude. “Gatekeeper”, whether it’s true or not, insinuates that she has my scores right there but “We don’t give scores over the phone.” I’m put on hold for 10 minutes, then I’m transferred without notice. “Assistant Gatekeeper” answers and has no idea what I want (or just pretends not to have any idea), and confirms that it will be “at least” 6 weeks.

NBCC, to represent the counseling profession, you need to work on your service…