Greetings Thrivers in Cambridge. It was great seeing you!

Major points in this video:

1) It was great seeing everyone…except for Dr. Sperber who I somehow never saw! Dr. Mike, I’m sorry!

2) We are hiring! Tell your friends. We are also down a clinician so if anyone can open their schedules to see a few extra clients we would greatly appreciate it. “Champagne problems” to have too many clients in June, am I right?

3) Computers are looking good, per the handiwork of Eli (except for one dud, which we’re replacing). Also, we’re going to replace all the rugs in suite 2-2. I’m working on finding a good furniture place that delivers.

4) We are developing some new staff programs! It’s not a new EHR (but we do have a Thriveworks App in the works). We are launching a mentorship and professional development program (which Cambridge has been doing for a while anyway), and we hope to offer an new employee benefit soon! Stay tuned…

P.S. I know the sound doesn’t match the video. It’ll be better next time!