As a health provider in private practice, and like most therapists, you spend much of your workday with patients. This means that when another patient is trying to reach you—they might instead be reaching your voicemail! At the end of the day, you’re tired, your mailbox is full, and you need to return all those messages.

Get ready to play phone tag!

By the time you reach the client, they’re frustrated. And they might start looking for a new provider. Additionally, potential new patients might have already found another provider. This is bad for your clients, and it’s bad for business. There is a better way.

Thriveworks offers you a simple and affordable solution:

1. Reception and Customer Support

Customer support unprecedented in the industry. A team of highly-trained, HIPAA complaint, medical receptionists will serve your practice as if they were sitting in your office.

2. Client Scheduling

Being the first contact new clients have with your company, the scheduling team screens clients to make sure they are a good fit, and schedules client appointments with therapists who best suit them.

3. 24-Hour Call Answering

24-hour call answering means that your clients always get a live person, never a voicemail. Remember: voicemails are bad for business!

4. Your Concierge Assistant

On-call concierge assistants help you with tasks ranging from following up on emails, to fulfilling records requests, to even personal tasks for therapists.


“I just wanted to let you know things are going great with the answering services. I am definitely catching the calls that I would usually miss during the day.”

For more information about Thriveworks Reception and Scheduling, call us at 1-855-4-THRIVE (847483). Or simply email us.

NOTE: Thriveworks’ answering service is now only available to Thriveworks franchisees.

It’s no surprise that as a healthcare provider you spend the majority of your day in session with clients or patients, getting the many jobs that come with the title “healthcare provider” done. The problem is, when a new client tries to contact you, to learn more about your services (or even to schedule a first appointment) too often, instead of reaching you and hearing about your business—that person reaches your voicemail.

When this happens, most potential clients simply hang up and start to look for someone else. And when they do leave a message, so begins a helpless game of phone tag. You call the person back and leave a message, they call you back—and you’re just starting another session! You can’t answer.

It’s bad patient care, bad customer service, and it’s bad for business!

But what is there to do? If you are a small healthcare practice, you probably don’t have the budget to afford a full-time receptionist or other front-office jobs. In fact, even larger practices find that they struggle to answer all their calls consistently, especially during the busiest times of the day.

But there is a solution. I present to you Thriveworks Reception and Scheduling. With Thriveworks Reception, your practice will never miss a call.

Our service is so seamless, and our receptionists are so good, new patients will arrive at your office asking “where is the person I spoke with on the phone? She was so helpful.” So, whether your practice is inundated with calls, or you only get a few calls a day, Thriveworks reception and scheduling can provide excellent support at a fraction of the cost of a traditional employee.

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