Social and Emotional Learning

What is character bonding? Exploring the connection we feel with fictional characters

Character bonding is when we start to emulate the personality traits of fictional characters that we admire and/or feel drawn to. There’s nothing inherently harmful about character bonding; just remember that there is a distinction between them and you.  While people may be drawn towards different fictional characters based on…

Restorative vs. reflective nostalgia: Learn to spot the differences and combat memory distortions

Nostalgia is a familiar feeling, but there are actually two different types—reflective and restorative nostalgia. Restorative nostalgia involves happy memories and associations with the past. When we feel restoratively nostalgic, we’re likely to feel motivated to seek out new and rewarding experiences. Conversely, reflective nostalgia may often make us feel…

Why do we love Halloween? The psychology behind Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating

Halloween is one of the most popular U.S. holidays—this October, we’re set to spend a whopping $10 billion on treats, Halloween costumes, and decorations. The psychology behind Halloween costumes is intriguing: Studies show that when costumes render us anonymous, we may feel more confident displaying malicious behavior towards others.  More…

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