Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday on-ramps and off-ramps: Diving into and easing out of vacation with zero regrets

Holidays aren’t just about the vacation days, they’re also about the days leading up to the vacation days… and the days following the vacation days. Fortunately it’s possible to mentally prepare for your winter break and make accommodations for your post-holiday depression.  To ease transitions you can keep your favorite…

10 foolproof ways to relieve holiday stress: budgeting, planning, admiring your Christmas tree, and more

The Christmas season is in full swing! You know what that means—plenty of holiday stimuli. Santa Claus runs rampant in your town, “Silent Night” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” blare from your radio, trees light every window, and horses disguised as reindeer trot down the street. Now, there are two…

Are you suffering from holiday stress? Ask yourself these 15 questions to minimize the stress and maximize the joy

Between shopping for gifts, preparing for lavish dinners, and having visiting relatives and friends, the holiday season creates more stress than we might realize. This can lead to feeling burned out, tired, cranky and it might even make us miss out on the joy that is supposed to accompany this…

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