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Phillip—Lip to his family—didn’t have a normal childhood. As a teen, his primary concerns weren’t making friends or dipping his toes in the dating pool. Instead, he was worried about putting food on the table, chipping in for bills, and caring for his four younger siblings. Somehow, though, he also managed to stay on top of his schoolwork, graduate from high school, and get accepted into college. While this was a tremendous accomplishment and his future looked bright, Lip was in for a rough few years. He struggled in his college classes, he struggled in the dating world, and he struggled to continue to care for his family. Ultimately, it became too overwhelming. And it only got worse when Lip turned to alcohol to cope..

Lip started having a couple beers in the morning, a few throughout the afternoon, and several glasses of whiskey to top it off at night. Soon enough, he didn’t know how to function without alcohol. And he entered a downward spiral: within a few months, he got kicked out of school, wound up in jail, and jeopardized his relationships with those closest to him. Before he even knew he had a problem, alcohol proved to wreak havoc on the entirety of Lip’s life.

While Lip is a TV character (in the popular series Shameless) the alcohol addiction he presented in the show is a struggle that’s all too real for many. This issue can arise for a number of reasons, some of which include stress, relationship problems, even learned behavior. In any case, addiction often wreaks havoc on the individual suffering with the disorder as well as his or her loved ones—which makes it incredibly important for the individual to seek out treatment, such as counseling. The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Waltham understand this need and dedicate their efforts to helping their patients manage this problem (as well as many others). If you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD) or addiction, and you’re ready to get help, reach out to Thriveworks Waltham.

What Is Alcohol Addiction? Do I Have a Problem?

In many cases, those struggling with alcohol addiction don’t realize it… or they don’t want to admit it. Instead, they insist that they don’t have a problem. In reality, those with AUD have a strong yearning for alcohol, they struggle to control their intake, and they continue to drink even when it starts to have negative implications on their life. Additionally, these individuals…

  • Spend more time drinking alcohol than they originally intended.
  • Spend less time (if any at all) engaging in their favorite activities.
  • Spend an excessive amount of time drinking and experiencing the after effects.
  • Want to limit their alcohol use or stop drinking altogether… but haven’t succeeded.
  • Experience negative side effects from drinking such as insomnia, sadness, and nausea.
  • Have missed work, school, or failed to fulfill other responsibilities because of their alcohol consumption.

There are different degrees of AUD, but if even a couple of the above symptoms resonate with you, you may have a mild case of the disorder. Let’s work through this issue together and nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Reach out to us at Thriveworks Waltham, and we’ll get you on the proper course toward healing.

How Does Counseling for Alcohol Use Disorder Work?

Counseling for alcohol addiction or AUD is highly effective and often reaps a positive outcome. Now, the specific course of your counseling journey depends on the specifics of your case, such as where your alcohol addiction stems from. That being said, it often involves learning necessary skills that will help you to manage your addiction in everyday life. Your counselor will lead you in identifying harmful thinking and behavior patterns, and subsequently, introduce a roadblock that stops you from reverting back to harmful habits in the future.

Additionally, to ensure you stay on the right track and continue moving forward—away from those unhealthy drinking habits—there are plenty of recovery support services to consult. These include:

  • Support groups and peer services
  • Crisis services and drop-in centers
  • Classes on wellness and recovery
  • Spiritual or church groups

The first step is to schedule a session with a counselor. They will then be able to assess your specific presentation of AUD, map out a plan for recovery, and point you in the right direction of additional recovery support services.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Waltham

Alcohol use disorder has a tremendous impact on the lives of those struggling with the illness as well as those closest to them. Fortunately, however, there is hope for healing with the right treatment. At Thriveworks, we’re proud to help individuals out of this unfortunate predicament. Our counselors and therapists know how to help you fight your alcohol addiction and are eager to do so. You can take control of your life right now—give us a call at (617) 395-5806 to schedule an appointment today.

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