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Jacob proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, Ashley, exactly a year ago. They still look back on that day and smile, but as their wedding day approaches, they grow nervous. What if we aren’t ready for this commitment? Jacob wonders. What if marriage changes our relationship and we fall apart? Ashley worries.

“Compatibility doesn’t determine the fate of a marriage, how you deal with the incompatibilities does.” –Abhijit Naskar

Finally, Ashley shares her concerns with her sister, who points her in the direction of premarital counseling. A bundle of nerves, Ashley proposes the idea of counseling to her fiancé—and much to her pleasure, he hastily agrees. As it turns out, neither of them knew or suspected the other was feeling nervous about tying the knot. But now that everything is out on the table, they feel even more confident about growing together in premarital counseling.

Premarital counseling is designed to help couples contemplating marriage build the best possible foundation for their relationship. This can involve addressing and resolving present issues, identifying instrumental tools for solving future conflicts, and ultimately learning to sustain the health of one’s relationship for many years to come. What do you say? Does this sounds like a service you could benefit from? Meet with a premarital counselor at Thriveworks Waltham today.

Who Can Benefit From Premarital Counseling?

At Thriveworks, we believe that anybody and everybody can benefit from working with a capable and compassionate mental health professional. And if you’re newly engaged or you and your partner are talking about marriage, a premarital counselor is the counselor for you. Do you and your partner have a couple things to discuss before marriage? You can benefit from premarital counseling. Are you hoping to build a strong foundation for this lifelong commitment? You can benefit from premarital counseling. Is your relationship picture perfect? You, too, can benefit from premarital counseling.

In sum, every couple considering marriage can benefit from working with a premarital counselor. Your counselor at Thriveworks Waltham will assess your relationship and, with your specific counseling goals in mind, lead the two of you in constructing a happy, healthy relationship that can sustain even the strongest winds.

What Does a Premarital Counseling Session Look Like?

Your sessions will be tailored to you and your partner, your relationship and your therapy goals. That said, common topics discussed in premarital counseling include:

  • Money
  • Career goals
  • Children
  • Religion
  • Communication
  • Intimacy

You may or may not be experiencing any issues in the above areas right now, but it’s possible that you will at some point in the future. Your counselor will equip you with the tools to resolve issues regarding these areas (and others) now and in the future. Additionally, they can help absolve you of those pre-wedding nerves, address any concerns you may have about getting married (like Jacob and Ashley above), and assist you in identifying positive goals for your relationship moving forward.

See a Premarital Counselor at Thriveworks Waltham Today

It’s normal to feel nervous about your wedding day; it’s okay to admit that you and your fiancé aren’t perfect. The truth is that no relationship is free of adversity and that sometimes it takes a little outside assistance to truly capitalize on your fullest potential as a happy, healthy duo. Premarital counseling can help you do just that. The counselors at Thriveworks Waltham have the skills, training, and experience to help you and your partner succeed in building that happy, healthy relationship for years to come.

If you and your partner recently got engaged or you’re contemplating marriage, consider working with one of our premarital counselors. Our providers are happy and eager to help. To get started, give us a call at (781) 309-9149. A scheduling specialist will get you all set up, and you’ll be on your way to experiencing all of the benefits of premarital counseling for yourself!

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