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You are the office’s go-to person. You work hard, and your coworkers rely on you. The hours add up each week, but you are climbing the corporate ladder. After several promotions, you think that you are ready for an executive position. Life couldn’t be better, yes? No. With each new promotion came a new set of challenges…and not just as work. Personally and professionally, life has gotten more difficult. Maybe you can resonate with the following situations…

  • After the birth of your first child, the sleepless nights are catching up with you. Your work performance is suffering. You sense how the priorities on your life are changing, but how can you keep a healthy life/work balance?
  • As your parent’s age, they need more time and attention. Yes, they live in an assisted care home, but your siblings are not happy with the care they are receiving. You want to be there for your parents, but you cannot cut back at work anymore than you already have.
  • Because of some medical issues, you are having to slow down life. You need to have a serious conversation with your boss or potentially find another job that will allow more flexibility. What approach might be the best?
  • Your middle schooler is having a hard time. You have pulled out your best parenting tricks, but nothing is getting better. Do you need to cut back your hours at work? Could another family member help? You are wondering if there are other options.
  • You have a great job…at least for now. But then you think about being in the same job in three years or five years, and you know it might be time to make a change. But what? Should you go for that promotion or consider a career change?

A lot of people are struggling under the weight of growing personal and professional obligations. In many of these cases, the demands of just one’s profession or just one’s family would be too much, but even more challenging is that one’s personal and professional lives are always intertwined. Making an adjustment in one area of life often means making an adjustment in other areas. A lot of people are navigating these difficulties by leaning upon a life coach. Life coaches can support people during some of life’s toughest moments.

Thriveworks Counseling in Waltham, MA offers life coaching appointments because we understand that life’s demands can become overwhelming. Everyone needs a sounding board—someone with wisdom and experience who will listen, advise, and mentor without judgment.

Growing in Self-Knowledge

One key to making tough decisions is knowing oneself. This might sound like a really simple task, but it is normal to struggle with it. Too many outside factors are vying for people’s attention. It is too easy for people to go with the flow of what their friends or family or partner wants instead of knowing who they are, what they prioritize, and what they want.

Life coaches have a number of exercises that can help people grow in their self-knowledge. One example is the “Miracle Question.” The miracle question has many different forms, but each is getting at the same idea: what do people dream about? Life gets busy, and it is understandable that many people lose sight of their dreams. The miracle question asked people to take time, suspend reality, and let their natural thoughts arise. The miracle question may take the form of…

  • What educational opportunities would you pursue if you had the time and money?
  • Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
  • What would be your dream vacation? Where would you travel? With whom? For how long?
  • What types of relationships do you want to build? Within your family? Within your friends?

Working with a Life Coach

Answering the miracle questions is a great way to start learning more about your own priorities, values, weaknesses, and strengths. However, it is just that: a start. Skilled life coaches can often translate that start into growth that may make a big improvement in people’s lives. Here are just two of the ways people may practically benefit from working with a life coach.

  1. When people want it all. Yes, many people want the big family, the adventurous hobbies, and the burgeoning career. These blessings, however, come with stress. Life requires balance. Life coaches can often help people learn stress-management technique as well as implement a balanced approach to life.
  2. When people are experiencing the unforeseen. No one wants to hear these words: Divorce. Lay-off. Cancer. These words, along with many other situations, can change life on a dime and require that people navigate a whole new life. Skilled coaches can often guide people through these turbulent times.

Thriveworks in Waltham, MA—Life Coaching Appointments

Are you going through an unexpected transition? What are your goals for the future? Do you want it all? There are no short-cuts to success, but there is help for the journey. Thriveworks in Waltham, MA has life coaching appointments available, and we are ready to help. When you work with our office, know that new clients often meet with their coach within 24 hours of their call to make an appointment. We offer evening and weekend sessions, but we do not put our clients on a waitlist. Many insurance plans are also accepted.

Let’s navigate life together. You are not alone. Contact Thriveworks Counseling in Waltham today.

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