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Some take clear, positive thoughts for granted. For the nearly 44 million Americans who struggle with an anxiety disorder, they know how valuable a clear mind is and how hard it can be to focus, to stay positive, and to allow their thoughts to rest. When people have anxiety, thoughts may constantly race through their heads, thoughts like…

  • I am nervous and worried every moment of every day. My friends do not get it. There is no rest. Why am I worried? Sometimes, I know. Sometimes, I have no idea.
  • Some classmates just texted, asking if I can go out. No, I lied. I’m busy. Busy breathing, reassuring myself, apologizing. Maybe next time. Probably not.
  • This constant conversation in my head rehashes every fear, every worry, every insecurity I have ever had. That voice reminds me all the ways I am not enough…all the ways I mess up.

It is easy to see how anxiety makes life harder. Prolific author Jodi Picoult describes anxiety this way, “Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.” Anxiety disorders are not the common fears or worries that all people experience at times and then they pass. An anxiety disorder can disrupt an individual’s life. Many people find personal relationships more difficult because of their anxiety. Many others struggle professionally, and anxiety holds them back from their true potential. Even though effective treatments are available, only about one-third of people with an anxiety disorder receive the treatment they need.

Thriveworks Counseling in Waltham, MA offers treatment for anxiety because many options are available to those who struggle. Our counselors, psychologists, and therapists work with each client, individually. We have helped many people find a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and relief.

What Is Anxiety?

“Anxiety may consist of behavioral, cognitive, and physical signs and symptoms including, but not limited to; irritability, restlessness, hypervigilance, lack of motivation, racing thoughts, excessive worry, fatigue, hyperventilation, sweating, palpitations, insomnia, or nausea,” explains Nicole Breen, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at our Waltham office, is often spoken of as a simple diagnosis, but the reality is that it comes in a variety of forms. Anxiety can manifest in an individual’s life as:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – This is what most people think of when they speak of anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) means that people experience an excessive feeling of worry and anxiety that plagues them for at least six months for most of the day and for more days than not. GAD may also leave people feeling restless, fatigued, irritable, and tense.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder – For some, the worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts are concentrated on social situations. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can leave people feeling judged and embarrassed when they interact with others, even those who are loving and supportive. People with SAD often avoid any social interactions, especially meeting new people.
  • Panic Disorder – Anxiety can also manifest as a panic attack. During an attack, people often feel as if they will die. Without warning, panic attacks can raise people’s heart rate, they may feel stomach pain, they often have difficulty breathing, and their limbs may begin to numb. During a panic attack, these symptoms rise for several minutes and then subside.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – When people experience anxiety during a traumatic event, that anxiety can stick with them long after the trauma passes. They may continue to feel the fear and worry. They may experience flashbacks or nightmares where they continue to relieve the event. They may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Harmful Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious illness, and it takes a physical and emotional toll. People’s bodies and minds are intertwined, and when anxiety wages a war in their mind, the body rarely escapes unscathed. For example, when people fight anxiety, they may also experience…

  • Disrupted Appetite – Anxiety can disrupt an individual’s relationship with food. Some people want to eat all the time, never feeling satisfied. Others have difficulty eating at all.
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns – As with food, some people may experience insomnia. They may be unable to fall asleep, wake rested, or stay asleep throughout the night. Others may experience hypersomnia. They may want to sleep all the time.
  • Fatigue – Fighting a mental illness can be draining physically. People with anxiety often lack energy during their day. This may occur whether people experience sleep disruptions or not.
  • Difficulty Focusing – Anxiety can hold people’s thoughts hostage, making clear thinking difficult, if not impossible. Many people with anxiety find themselves distracted and discouraged.
  • Indecisiveness – When thinking is difficult, decision making is impossible. Making a choice, even a simple choice about what to eat or what to wear, can feel overwhelming. Coming to firm conclusions, prioritizing needs, and resolving differences—things people have to do every day—can leave people feeling stuck.

Appointments for Anxiety at Thriveworks in Waltham, MA

Do you recognize anything in these descriptions of anxiety? If worry or nerves are making your daily life harder than it should be, consider reaching out for help. Thriveworks Counseling in Waltham, MA has appointments available for treating anxiety. Our therapists take a holistic approach and work with each client individually. “Therapy can help manage symptoms because you can learn and obtain the tools to overcome anxiety,” says Breen. “Therapy will help uncover underlying causes of worry, develop positive coping skills, and look at situations from different perspectives.”

When you contact our office, a scheduling specialist will answer your call and help you make an appointment. We accept many forms of insurance, and we offer evening and weekend sessions to best accommodate your schedule. New clients often have their first appointment within 24 hours of their call to our office (as long as it’s preferred!).

You are not alone in your anxiety. We are here to help. Call Thriveworks in Waltham today at (781) 309-9149.

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