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Despite the decades of research, scientists are still not one hundred percent certain how addiction develops. Similar to other medical conditions, it appears to be a mixture of family history, genetics and exposure to certain environmental factors that allow addictions to develop. It is clear, however, that addictions can be acquired to a much wider range of substances and actions than is commonly thought. The universally recognized addictions to heroin and alcohol are one part of the picture, while addictions to work, food or gambling are among the less understood disorders. This diversity can make it hard for the addicted individuals to navigate their way towards a cure; as a result professional help in the form of addiction therapy is almost always recommended.

Addiction as a state is defined by an individual’s incapability to control the intake or doing of a particular substance or behavior. It is characterized by excessive use to the point in which the behavior or the substance becomes harmful. There are essentially two forms of addiction that often go hand in hand – physical and psychological addictions. The physical element relates to the physiological dependency upon a particular substance – the human body becomes so used to the substance that once it is withdrawn severe physical reactions can occur. The psychological element is defined by the urge to engage in an addictive behavior – a physical dependency does not need to exist for this to occur.

Addiction Therapy

The two different sides to a person’s addiction often dictate the most appropriate treatment method. With a physical dependency, a period of detoxification to clear the substance from the addict’s system is required. Once detoxification has been achieved, the patient can work on his or her psychological addiction through addiction counseling.

The aim of addiction counseling is to provide addicts with the necessary mental tools and mechanisms to fight against the factors that trigger the addictive behavior – in this way allowing them to cope with the everyday temptations and preventing relapse.

Thriveworks Pittsburgh recognizes that there is no single approach to addiction therapy. Individual needs have to be taken into account, which is why our expert addiction counselors work independently with every patient to develop the best treatment. Why not reach out to us now and arrange a session with one of our addiction therapy specialists.

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