Sexual Abuse Recovery Counseling and Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Sexual abuse has no place in our society. No crime should be tolerated, but especially not a crime that takes such a damaging emotional toll on its victims. Here in our Thriveworks Pittsburgh office, we are proud to do what we can to help those victims get back on their feet and headed in the right direction once again. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a past sexual abuse and you would like to seek treatment for the emotional damage that has been done, we would be happy to speak with you at your convenience. Please feel free to contact Thriveworks Pittsburgh to schedule sexual abuse recovery counseling or learn more about this treatment.

There are a number of different types of sexual abuse, and all of them are damaging in their own way. Some cases feature children who have been abused by a parent or guardian, while other cases include adults who are the victims of violent sexual assaults. Whatever the case happens to be for you or your loved one, we will work hard to ensure that you get the care you need. This is a difficult crime to recover from all on your own, which is why our team is ready and standing by to help you as soon as possible.

Every individual victim is different, but there are many issues that are known to frequently affect sexual abuse victims. Some of those issues are as follows:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Declining performance at work, leading to stress or loss of employment
  • Unhealthy physical habits, such as eating too much or too little
  • Lack of interest in maintaining personal relationships
  • Changes in personality, difficulty enjoying the ‘little things’ in life

The problems that you are facing in your life as a result of being victimized in a sexual assault case are unique to you. However, our team has experience dealing with victims in a number of different cases, so we understand how to tailor our services to match with the needs of each patient. We cannot guarantee that our therapy and counseling services will be effective, but we will be proud to do our best to help you find the life you wish to lead. Please contact us to learn more about Thriveworks Pittsburgh sexual abuse therapy services and how we can help you if you are a victim of sexual assault.

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Thriveworks Counseling Pittsburgh

Erica Ploski

Erica Ploski is an exceptionally professional and compassionate counselor. I highly recommend her services!
Thriveworks Counseling Pittsburgh


Erica is a great person and a wonderful listener. You will be in great hands!
Thriveworks Counseling Pittsburgh

Erica Ploski

Erica Ploski is an exceptionally professional and compassionate counselor. I highly recommend her services.

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