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Perhaps you have a thriving career, enjoy what you do, and are on the fast track for moving up the ladder of success. However, your mother, who has been slowly going downhill with health issues, can no longer live alone and take care of herself. You always promised your parents you would take care of them if they should ever get sick, and you intend to follow through on that vow. How will you be able to work a full-time job and care for your mother successfully? To take on the burden of a sick parent combined with a demanding career will be hectic, and every day will be a challenge to meet the many responsibilities they entail. You don’t feel like you have any options.

Life Coaches work with their clients to help them find equal balance in their work and home life. They work with people to find alternatives and other options that they may never have thought of, guiding them and helping them in the monumental decisions they must make in life. Life Coaches at Thriveworks in Pittsburgh, PA are experts in the many concerns that impede people from growing in their lives and careers and are there to provide guidance on the path to working on the matters that seem mountainous and unmovable. Life Coaches at Thriveworks have worked with thousands of people to help them find their strengths and reach their goals. And they can help you, too!

Life Coaching in Pittsburgh, PA: Hone in on Strengths and Goals

What if life was like a fairy tale, where you could wave a magic wand and have your problems go away? What career would you choose that would combine your dreams and talents? Which activities would you like to pursue if you could choose without thinking of money or the time they would take? These types of questions may not be as easy to answer as you might first think.

Many times people don’t take the time to find out what would really make them happy and the types of things they’d like to do, because the reality of life hinders them. Saving money, paying bills, commuting to work, putting in 40-hour-plus weeks at the job and the many other responsibilities of life can shutter the dreams you may once have had. Life Coaches work with people to find the issues that stop them from moving toward their dreams and the steps to take to make them a reality.

Scenarios for Life Coaching: How Can It Help?

The Life Coaches at Thriveworks work with people to list their goals and make a “blueprint” on how to achieve what they want in life. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy and balanced career and leisure time, discovering what their talents and gifts are, or addressing the steps to move up the career ladder, Life Coaches work to guide them along the way.

Life Coaches will work with you in an array of areas, including the following scenarios.

1) You have a busy career as a realtor and have been one of the top sellers in the region. There’s nothing to hold you back, because you love what you do and have a knack for it. People at your agency look to you for guidance, and you have a long list of clients who trust you. However, your ailing mother has just moved in with you, and you are responsible for taking her to her many doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions and being “on call” in case something happens while you’re at work. You feel like your job is suffering and your mother isn’t receiving the very best care, because you aren’t able to focus one hundred percent on either one. You’d feel guilty if somebody else watched your mother. You’d feel bad to send her to an assisted living community, because you’d be shirking your duties as a daughter. You can’t focus on your clients like you used to, because you are constantly checking your cell phone for messages from your mother. Something has got to give, but you don’t know what to do.

Life coaches will work with you to get through the feelings of guilt and burdens you put on yourself, as well as help you find alternatives to a situation, plot out a strategy and find ways to resolve problems that are overbearing.

2) You want to go to college, but you don’t know if you should go to a local community school or a university where you’d live in a dorm. You think the university would be great, because it has the curriculum for what you want to do in the future. But, it is several states away from your family. What if you went away and were lonely? What if you didn’t like your roommates—or, worse, what if they don’t like you? Maybe you should just stay close to home and avoid any risks even if it means not studying in the field you dream of.

Life Coaches will work with you to get beneath the thoughts that hold you back from doing what you really want, as well as sift through doubts and negativities to find the best decision.

3) You are in a relationship that is okay—on a scale of one to 10, it rates about a five, which is neutral. It’s not everything you’d hoped. You thought the two of you would travel across the country and settle down in a new town. But, your partner doesn’t seem to have the same vision as you do and is content to stay in the small town you both grew up in—where all your friends and family are. While that’s nice, you have a yearning to go out and explore the vast country and find something new. You’re afraid of losing your partner, so you stay in the relationship. Maybe you’re just asking for too much and being self-centered. So, you keep doing what you’ve always done out of a fear of the unknown.

Life Coaches will work with you to find out what you truly value and want in your life, making a strategy and a goal to reach fulfillment and happiness.

For Professional Life Coaching, Consider Thriveworks Pittsburgh, PA

In what could be the most important step in your life, it is important to use caution in whom to choose for Life Coaching. When you trust your personal information and confidences in a Life Coach, you want to make sure it is with somebody who has the credentials and background. Life Coaching doesn’t adhere to a set of rules and regulations or report to a governing body, so virtually anybody can be a Life Coach.

Thriveworks in Pittsburgh, PA Life Coaching will work with you to create self-inspired happiness by finding out what being “you” really looks like and understanding what you want and how to get there. Contact Thriveworks Life Coaching in Pittsburgh, PA at (724) 419-9110 to make an appointment with a professionally licensed and experienced Life Coach or to learn more.

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