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Without the right career guidance, there’s a chance of making mountains out of molehills. Too much information overload only serves to overwhelm. Never in our history has the job market changed so fast and so dramatically.

One of the main challenges people face is that they lose track of who they are and what their real attributes are. Often, people of all ages have a lot more going for them than they realize themselves. Many find that career guidance counseling helps to uncover some of these forgotten or latent attributes. Working together you get to explore all the elements that go into making smart career decisions, including:

  • Your natural gifts
  • Interests
  • Temperament
  • Values
  • Idiosyncrasies
  • Your most effective working environment

Your career and job’s counselor will help guide you toward confidently making precise career choices. Between the two of you, you’ll put together a confident and practical plan of action. Once completed, your attitude and outlook will likely transform and you will have renewed self-assurance and belief in yourself.

Note that a good career counselor does not do any of the following:

  • Match the client with a profession and send them on their way
  • Make blanket statements or false promises
  • Assume responsibility for an individual’s career choice or behaviors

Our Pittsburgh career guidance counseling services are open, honest and upfront. Our professional and dedicated team of counselors has been helping people of all ages make better informed choices and career moves across the state for many years now. Why not give us a call today to schedule an appointment and go over your options with one of our trusted professionals.

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