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Some of the most mentally challenging and emotionally challenging events in our lives involve our partners. In fact, these events often stem from our relationships. For example, experiencing and healing from infidelity, working through financial strain or unemployment, stepping into new roles as parents, or even deciding to separate. During these challenges, a couples therapist or marriage counselor can assist. These professionals are relationship experts—they can equip you with tools and techniques for working through your relationship’s specific challenges. And they can even help guide and support you through divorce or separation.

“In the end, there doesn’t have to be anyone who understands you.

There just has to be someone who wants to.”

–Robert Brault

If you and your partner or spouse are in a particularly challenging stage in your relationship, consider working with a couples therapist or marriage counselor at Thriveworks Pittsburgh, PA. Our relationship experts can provide you with the personalized guidance and support you are looking for.

The professionals at Thriveworks are interested in helping you live a happy, successful life—and they understand the major role that our relationships serve in our greater happiness and success. To schedule your couples therapy session, just give our office a call. We’ll be here when you need us.

Working Through Relationship Issues: Couples Therapy Tips

What do you do when your marriage or long-term relationship no longer feels right? What do you do when you feel sad, confused, resentful, or frustrated with your partner? The first step is to understand that these are normal feelings but if you want to move forward you must break that cycle of negative thinking. Here are five solutions, from Thriveworks Pittsburgh Couples Therapists, to help you work through these relationship issues:

  1. Create a safe space for open communication: If you can’t communicate with your partner you won’t get anywhere. Talk to your partner and create an open and honest place for sharing your feelings. Listen to them without judgment. You can’t move forward without making an effort to understand where they’re coming from – even if it’s painful at first.
  2. Prove that you’re serious: Talking about what’s going on is difficult, but the real work is not in talking – it’s in acting. Once you’ve identified the issues in your relationship you’ll need to come with a plan to take action on those issues.
  3. Be willing to wait: It takes time for a relationship to go south, and it takes time to get it back on track again. Don’t expect that things will change overnight. If your relationship starts to improve but ends up taking a step back, don’t be discouraged. It’s a process that will have both ups and downs.
  4. Be diligent: You’re working on a long-term plan to save your marriage or long-term relationship. It’s not enough to do the work today and sit back tomorrow. You must stick to your plan of action and continue moving forward.
  5. Save time for gratitude. As you work to uncover the things that aren’t working, be sure you’re also uncovering the things that are working. Tell your partner what they mean to you. Let them know how hard you’re willing to work to save your relationship. Finding common ground for gratitude is an important step in healing the wounds of the past.

You can’t control what’s already happened in your relationship but you can take steps to control the future. Consult with Thriveworks Pittsburgh couples therapists today to find out how you can get your relationship back to a place you’re proud of.

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Couples therapy is a great resource for those who are currently going through a tumultuous time in their relationship. That said, couples therapy is also a great resource and opportunity for those who want to strengthen or improve their relationship. Couples therapy can help all couples.

To schedule your couples therapy appointment at Thriveworks Pittsburgh, simply give our office a call. We’re here to help you, your partner, and your relationship. Keep in mind that we do have flexible appointment options including sessions in the evenings and on the weekends. We look forward to hearing from you!

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