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Infidelity and adultery are two of the most devastating words in the English language. Not the words themselves, of course, but what they mean—the actions behind the words in real life. When a spouse finds out that the person that they love and trust has been cheating on them behind their back with somebody else, devastating is about the only way to describe it. In this modern age, more and more people in America seem to be experiencing the crushing effects of infidelity and counseling for adultery is becoming an everyday occurrence for a growing number of couples.

The Damage of Infidelity

It’s hard to adequately put into words what that feeling of finding out you’ve been cheated on by your spouse actually feels like. Outside of the base betrayal and the finding out that the person they thought they knew and loved isn’t that person, infidelity causes:

  • Grief-like symptoms and PTSD-like trauma
  • Rage and feelings of hatred
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem.

These effects come from humiliation and betrayal but it’s important to understand that infidelity doesn’t come out of nowhere. More often than not, the root causes of infidelity and adultery come out of longstanding neglect on both sides of the partnership, where a couple has been taking each other for granted or just no longer speaking to each other or making an effort any more. These things happen and they can spiral out of control so quickly that the next thing you know, your spouse is admitting to an affair.

Overcoming Infidelity

Infidelity isn’t easy to overcome. Many times the degree of hurt and humiliation is so great that one partner just cannot get past it. However, it’s not impossible and with professional counseling for adultery, getting through it can happen.

A relationship counselor working with a couple affected by infidelity will take on two fronts. The first front is assessing the damage done and working with the infidelity itself. The counselor will:

  • Determine that the couple really wants to stay together and not split
  • Try to make sense as to why the infidelity happened. What was wrong to make it happen?
  • Mediate between the couple when talking about the infidelity.

The second front is about moving on, and the counselor will:

  • Work with the couple to deal with emotions such as anger and guilt
  • Work with the couple on learning to forgive
  • Help the couple to become stronger in the future beyond the infidelity.

Counseling for adultery is not easy. It’s a hard, tough, painful path. But if the couple still truly love each other and want to make it work, it’s often a worthwhile path. Please get in touch with us to determine if it’s worthwhile for you.

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