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What do you do when your teen is dealing with problems bigger than they can handle?
As youth get older their main focus shifts more towards external factors, such as friends and school. This natural shift is a teenager’s way of exercising their independence and learning how to make choices for themselves. This can be a very positive shift, but one challenge is that teens are exposed to many more influences and stressors during this point in their lives. Sometimes those influences and stressors lead to mental health concerns.

Enlisting the support of an experienced teen counselor may be just what is needed to help your teen cope with the stressors in their life. Teen counseling is a great way for youth to express themselves in a safe environment and to bring a sense of normalcy to a disorder that may seem frightening.

There are a number of issues that may arise during your child’s teen years, such as:

  • Depression, including manic episodes and major depression
  • Anxiety, including test anxiety and social anxiety
  • Self-harm, including cutting and burning
  • Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder
  • Addictions, including drugs, alcohol, and gaming

These disorders can be overwhelming for a teen to deal with on their own, and it can be hard for a parent to know the best steps to take. Our teen counselors are experts in their field and advocates for your child’s wellbeing.

One way a counselor can help is by creating a treatment plan and determining the underlying cause of the disorder. Causes of mental health disorders can include:

  • Past trauma
  • Substance-induced disorder
  • Stress
  • Peer pressure

When teens are in turmoil they can feel as though no one understands them and that they are the only one dealing with the same kind of issues. A teen counselor can help alter their perception and show them there are many people on their side and many others who are going through the same thing.

If you feel like you and your teen are struggling with an issue larger than you can handle, please call our office to book a consultation with one of our trained teen counselors.

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