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Are you searching for counseling in Mt. Pleasant, SC? Have you ever consider online counseling, otherwise known as virtual therapy? Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant, SC offer online counseling for those who need or prefer to attend their therapy sessions from home. Many people find that online counseling enables them to fit this service into their schedule with ease. Additionally, it proves just as effective as the traditional in-person counseling approach.

If you want to schedule an online counseling appointment at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant, just call (843) 606-6223 to get all set up or to hear more. Our counselors, therapists, and psychologists are here to help, guide, and support you. Their ultimate goal is to assist you in living a happier, healthier life—whatever that might mean for you! Your counselor will come up with a personalized treatment plan designed to address your unique needs and goals.

What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is just as it sounds, there is no catch. If you decide to pursue online counseling, you’ll work with your therapist over the phone or via video chat. It’s your choice! Here’s a little bit about how each option works:

  1. Telephone counseling: With telephone counseling, you’ll have regular phone meetings with your counselor! And your counselor will give you a call at time of your scheduled session.
  2. Video counseling: With video counseling, you’ll have regular video chats with your counselor. Instead of answering their call at the time of your appointment, you’ll click a simple link that your counselor will send to you in advance. This link will take you to your secure chat room.

Online therapy is a valuable counseling option. The primary benefit though—one that often leads people to choose online counseling over in-person counseling—is the convenience factor. A problem for many people who are looking for mental health services is their already busy or demanding schedule!

Online counseling works to remove this problem from the equation. You don’t have to worry about working a commute into your schedule. Instead, all you need is to block out a window of your time to work with your counselor. And then you can hop onto your phone counseling or video session from wherever you prefer or happen to be. Gone are the days when you spend more time getting to and from your appointment than you do in your appointment!

What Are the Other Perks of Online Counseling?

As we’ve mentioned, online counseling is often a great option for many people in search of mental health help. In addition to convenience, online counseling provides other benefits that prove valuable including:

  • Comfort: Because you can attend your sessions from home, you’ll likely feel more comfortable than you ever have before in an appointment! And we mean physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yes, you can stay in your PJs. But also, you might feel more comfortable opening up to your counselor from a distance.
  • Safety: Online counseling also offers safety and security. Certain circumstances can cause us to be sequestered at home, such as a widespread virus. In these circumstances, you can still attend your therapy sessions safely, using virtual means in online counseling.
  • Affordability: Online counseling is also an affordable counseling option. Many insurance companies now pay for video counseling and many also cover telephone counseling, too! In addition, Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant has affordable self-pay rates.
  • Efficacy: We can’t stress enough that online counseling is an effective option too. You aren’t sacrificing success that you would make in in-person counseling. In the same breath, if you find that online counseling just isn’t right for you, that’s okay too! We’re happy to go on this journey with you to find what type of counseling best suits you.

If you want to explore these benefits for yourself, reach out to Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant. We’re here and ready to help.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant, SC

Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant, SC offers many mental health services including online counseling. If you’re interested in working virtually with a counselor in video counseling or telephone counseling, reach out to us today. Just call (843) 606-6223 and we’ll get you scheduled.

We’re excited to meet you and get to work!

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