Counselors for Men—Therapists and Counselors in Mount Pleasant, SC

Counselors for Men—Therapists and Counselors in Mount Pleasant, SC

Do you feel alone, sad, frustrated or angry often, but prefer not to acknowledge it or talk about it? Do you try to overcome your feelings by ignoring them? Is it becoming harder to manage? You are not alone. Significantly fewer men seek therapy compared to women, despite the rate of mental health disorders being only slightly higher in women.

Why is this? Cultural norms, stigma, or rigid beliefs may prevent men from processing emotions and without the proper support, this may cause increased stress and physical symptoms that can lead to a crisis response. Thriveworks Mount Pleasant Counseling wants to help you navigate these feelings before a crisis occurs. Please call us at 843-606-6223 to set up an appointment today.

What are some of the reasons men seek therapy?

The feeling that you need to do it all is real for a lot of men – working for promotions, being the best dad, staying fit and active, excelling at hobbies, maintaining a romantic and intimate relationship, and supporting meaningful friendships. Balancing it all can become unmanageable. Once overwhelmed, some men seek therapy for the following reasons:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Substance abuse
  • Relationship issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Low self esteem
  • PTSD

Symptoms associated with the above diagnoses can appear differently in men compared to women. Anger, substance abuse, and sleeping difficulties could be symptoms of depression –  not mere sadness or loneliness. This can be confusing and upsetting to manage alone. The therapists at Thriveworks Mount Pleasant are experts in counseling you through these issues as you work towards a better you!

What could therapy at Thriveworks look like?

Counselors at Thriveworks Mount Pleasant provide a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic environment with attainable goals to work towards relieving your symptoms and easing your concerns. We understand that it can be hard to reach out, but please call us at 843-606-6223, as we’re here to help! We are conveniently located adjacent to the Queensborough Shopping Center at 1131 Queensborough Blvd., #100 just across the bridge from Charleston in Mt. Pleasant.

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