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Addiction is a complex disease. When a loved one is suffering from addiction, they are unable to stop using a chemical substance or engage in a behavior even if they want or need to. People with addiction can’t control the compulsion to drink, use drugs, eat, gamble or be consumed by any number of other potentially self-defeating actions. Even shopping and playing video games can be addictive. Addiction can wreck relationships, families and communities.

For those who suffer with an addiction, therapy can help. A specially trained counselor can help an addicted person manage their symptoms and succeed in the fight against addiction. In short, a professional therapist can help an addicted person get well. At Thriveworks in Mt. Pleasant, we help people suffering with addiction overcome the disease and live happier, healthier lives. If you’re ready to schedule a session, please call us at 843-606-6223.

What Is Addiction? Am I Addicted?

Addiction can be difficult to diagnose, and it’s a disease that often gets swept aside. There are symptoms of addiction however, and they have physical, emotional, and behavioral implications. If you are wondering if you or a loved one has an addiction, these are a few of the signs that may lead you to seek help.

  • Weight loss
  • Malnourishment
  • Pale skin
  • Bad body odor
  • Hyperactivity
  • Frequent and excessive irritability
  • Blame
  • Denial
  • Loss of interest in one’s favorite activities
  • Isolation
  • Persistent failure at work or school

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms as a result of substance use or behavioral activity, we invite you to contact us at Thriveworks in Mt. Pleasant. Call us to schedule an appointment with an addiction therapist. Our phone number is 843-606-6223. We can help you manage and beat the addiction.

How Does Addiction Counseling Work?

The first step in getting help is admitting that you want or maybe need help. Therapy begins with exploring and talking about your particular addiction, including the needs you feel you have and the effects that you are experiencing. We help you understand the nature of your addiction and then develop a plan with you to make changes for the better. Overcoming addiction is a journey, and we are here to help guide you. Counseling can also help to prevent a relapse. Stress, peer pressure and social situations can all trigger a possible relapse. The therapists at Thriveworks in Mt. Pleasant are equipped to assist you in managing these pressures. We customize a treatment plan that will most effectively help you.

Schedule Addiction Counseling at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant

To book an appointment, all you have to do is give us a call. For your convenience, we offer weekend and evening appointments, and we accept many insurance plans. We are also available by phone and email to help you between in-person sessions.  If you are ready to start the journey to overcoming an addiction, so are we.

We are conveniently located adjacent to the Queensborough Shopping Center at 1131 Queensborough Blvd., #100 in Mt. Pleasant. Call to schedule your session with a therapist today. Our phone number is 843-606-6223.


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