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Sarah was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant. She couldn’t wait to become a mom. She felt well throughout her pregnancy, spending time finding the perfect crib and bedding for the nursery, and expected to feel good once the baby was born. Sarah knew she might be tired, but she had the support of her family. She was ready. 

However, within a few days after one of the most wonderful days of her life, Sarah began to struggle. Her spouse is kind and helpful, but she feels as if she could leave and no one would miss her. She feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and as if she is losing herself. She cries regularly and finds herself struggling to get out of bed even when the baby needs her. She describes most days as being out of control and sad. 

Are you experiencing something similar? 

Despite societal connections, gatherings, and support from friends and family, new moms often feel disconnected and lonely. If you’re ready to talk about how counseling may be able to help you navigate the challenges of being a new mom, please contact Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant to schedule a session with one of our skilled therapists by calling 843-606-6223.

What is postpartum sadness or “baby blues”?

Up to 80% of moms experience “baby blues” within the first few days of birth. It can last for minutes or hours per day over many weeks or months. Symptoms may include:

  • Unprovoked sadness, weeping or crying 
  • Irritability, impatience
  • Restlessness, fatigue, insomnia
  • Poor concentration
  • Diminished appetite

It is not fully understood why these symptoms occur for many women. The abrupt shift in daily routine, disrupted sleep patterns, and exhaustion are all theorized to cause hormonal changes affecting mood and coping skills. 

Can “baby blues” affect my baby? 

New and experienced moms who suffer from “baby blues” are sad, lonely, and often describe themselves as no longer experiencing joy. It is important for new and experienced moms to know that there are ways to get the support they need so they can focus on bonding with their baby as the early days of life lay the foundation for development and attachment. 

What if I feel more than just the “baby blues”? Do I have postpartum depression? 

Some moms experience intense symptoms and may be suffering from postpartum anxiety and depression without knowing it. Postpartum can affect anyone. It has nothing to do with what you have done or what you may not have done, and there is no way to prevent it. Postpartum anxiety and depression affect an estimated 1 in 8 women. Symptoms can include:

  • Sadness, mood swings, crying uncontrollably
  • Disinterest in activities and withdrawal
  • Lack of concentration, loss of energy, excessive fatigue
  • Panic attacks and/or anxiety
  • Hopelessness, fear, guilt
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Inability to bond with your baby
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Agitation
  • Thoughts of harming your baby or yourself
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

Postpartum anxiety and depression can last for months to years if left untreated. Talk and teletherapy are both effective in managing symptoms. If you’re ready to get started, please contact Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant to schedule a session by calling 843-606-6223.

Scheduling Services

Thriveworks’ experienced therapists and counselors support new and experienced mothers feeling mild to severe postpartum symptoms. We offer group and individual counseling in a welcoming setting. We are conveniently located adjacent to the Queensborough Shopping Center at 1131 Queensborough Blvd., #100 just across the bridge from Charleston in Mt. Pleasant. Call 843-606-6223 to schedule your session with a therapist today. We look forward to supporting your progression toward wellness. 

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