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When children are young we can tell quite quickly when there is something wrong. A cry for help is unmistakable and we can be there to comfort them when they need it. As children get older, though, their cries for help become a lot less vocal and it can be harder to recognize when help is needed.

Most times when a teen is suffering they will send out invitations to those around them to help them. Sometimes the invitations teens put out are obvious, but other times they are much more subtle. Knowing the subtle signs could be crucial in getting your child to see a teen counselor when a problem does arise.

Signs that your teen may be struggling can include:

  • Physical changes, such as weight loss or weight gain
  • Avoiding certain or all friends, social events, or places
  • Self-destructive, nervous habits, such as biting their nails until they bleed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Self-medicating, which can range from drugs to comfort foods

Some of the above mentioned signs can be a normal part of your teen’s behavior, but when they occur uncharacteristically or more frequently than usual it may point to an underlying mental health concern. With the help of a teen counselor, your child can voice their concerns in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our teen counselors are highly trained and skilled in assessing even the most subtle signs of mental health disorders. They are able to help you and your child understand the causes and treatments of a wide range of disorders and can offer advice and support for your whole family.

Just because the signs of a mental health concern are not loud and clear does not mean they are not there. Teens reach out for help in a different way than younger children and employing the help of a teen counselor can give your teen the voice they need to cope and recover from the struggles they are facing in their life.

Please contact our office to learn more about the early signs of a mental health disorder and how to help your teen reach out for help.

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