How to take a Great Profile Picture

Taking a Great Profile Picture – Counselors and Therapists

You’ve worked hard to earn your degrees, become licensed, and establish your new Thriveworks practice, but before you begin seeing clients, there’s one more thing on your to-do list: take a profile picture. More than likely, your potential clients will form their first impression of you through the profile picture on your website. You are a premiere mental health services provider and Thriveworks is a premium practice. The first impression should display the quality care you provide.

There’s just one problem: you’re a therapist—not a photographer. Instead of spending time and money on a professional photographer, a good profile picture can be taken with a smartphone and a friend’s help. Here are a few tips on lighting and framing that can produce the first-impression you want for your new clients.

Lighting: choose a setting with lots of indirect light

  • Natural light is best: take the picture outside or in a room with a lot of windows
  • The more light there is, the less grainy the photo will be
  • Indirect light allows for a relaxed facial expression

Framing: the picture should be portrait style from the top of your head to your shoulders

  • Have someone else take the photo (no selfies)
  • Look at the camera
  • Give a professional smile
  • Ensure your entire head is in the picture

Once you have the picture, here are a few other helpful hints:

  • Photo size should be at least 300px
  • Do not use graphics or borders

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