Private Practice

Should Counselors Sign Non-compete Agreements?

Being in my position, I regularly get practice and employment questions from mental health professionals. Questions related to the issue of non-compete agreements are some of the most common. Here’s one: Hi Anthony, I’m newly licensed and was offered a position at a local counseling center. I feel I should…

5 Tips for Building a Sellable Practice

Selling a practice. It might be the largest single financial transaction of your life. And it could go very well, or it might not happen at all. Depending on the choices you make, your practice could fund your retirement…or it might be worth close to nothing. While it’s a much…

Private Practice: Risk and The Counselor

Today I am sitting at a coffee kiosk at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA. I’m here because this week Thriveworks is opening its third (our second clinical) company-owned location, right here in Philly. As a small company, any endeavor that includes the words “new location” is a serious…

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