Question: Can I use Social Media for private practice marketing?

Answer: When a new tool comes out, everyone wants to rush in and use that new tool. Social Media is no longer new, but each year new tools come out: Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and even older are Facebook and Twitter.

But can it actually work for private practice marketing? And by work, we mean make your phone ring and increase a return on your investment? Your first thought may be, “What investment? Social Media is free!” In reality, as a counselor, your are spending your most precious investment – your time. Time you are not spending in session is time that you are not making money. 

Social media varies by practice and business.

For some businesses, Pinterest is perfect. Wedding photographers, restaurants, and even florist can thrive on Pinterest, but can private practice market on Pinterest? You can’t just go around posting photos of your clients and you really don’t have many thing to take pictures of.

For some businesses, Facebook is perfect. You can post images, events, and actively engage your audience.

Each private practice is different and your needs vary. Don’t think that you have to engage in every social media out there. Think of social media like a tool. That is all it is. If you were a contractor working on framing a house, you would only bring the tools you need: nail gun, hammer, nails, 2×4’s, and possibly a crow bar to fix some errors. A contractor would not bring roofing supplies, HVAC tools, or even a screwdriver to frame a house.

In the same way, use social media like a tool. If your can meet your goal by using a specific tool, use it, but don’t use every tool – they each have a specific purpose with a specific audience. If you have some great photos to share of your office, have some great inspiring artwork, Pinterest may be a great outlet to reach people.

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