Constantly Moving Forward – This means to execute, even when the results won’t be perfect. When it comes to clinical care, you need to be superb but everything else can and will be improved upon.

How does this work itself out?

For Example:

You have an ugly logo?

That’s Awesome – at least you have a logo. An ugly logo is better than no logo at all. Give it time and that ugly logo may become a cherished look.

Your business cards have a watermark from the printer on them?

That’s fine! You got cheap business cards to hand out to people. Some business cards are better than no business cards – as long as they have the right phone number and address on them 🙂

You were misquoted in the local paper/news?

Great! You can now put a fancy logo on your site saying that you were quoted/featured on that publication (you don’t have to link to the story.)

Your website is ugly?

Well, at least you have a website. There are so many people who are afraid of the web – getting on the web is the first step. In fact, an older site can always be updated – and those older sites rank (SEO) better than the newer sites. Plus, the content matters more than you give it credit.

Your furniture needs to be updated?

If it’s clean and welcoming, there is nothing that an inexpensive slip cover can’t fix for now.

Your waiting area isn’t the best?

That’s okay! Add a Kuerig, with some coffee and teas for free, and no one will be complaining. If you want to go over the top, just get a dual band router, split off some of your internet, and add in some free wifi. Or even better, just start the appointment on time, and no one will ever see the waiting room.

You just have to keep moving forward – the wrinkles will work themselves out.

Don’t get caught in a Catch-22 such as “I can’t get an office until I find some clients, but I can’t get clients without a new office.” But you have too, and you can! You have to continually be moving forward. Moving forward helps you to start succeeding.

Finally, reject excuses.

Some Common Excuses: “There are more counselors per capita in my town than anywhere in the USA.” The market is actually growing.

“Building a caseload is impossible in this economy!” What does the economy have to do with anything? Maybe a small percentage of people have lost their health insurance, but most haven’t. Also, rent is cheaper, as is advertising, and people need someone to talk to about the economy!

Other excuses:

  • I’m too old. I’m only 30, and I look young (i.e., I’m too young).
  • I don’t have capital.
  • All the good insurance panels are closed.
  • Managed care has ruined the profession.
  • Life coaches are stealing my business.
  • Corporations aren’t referring like they used to. Rent is too expensive.
  • I have too much debt.
  • I have a family to provide for.

And the list goes on! Each of these is a challenge. However, you don’t succeed because their path is easy. You succeed because they refuse to let excuses overtake them. Growing your practices means your are Constantly Moving Forward – When it comes to clinical care, you need to be superb but everything else can and will be improved upon.