Hi, I’m Chris Waters and I work here at Thriveworks. I think the most important thing I’ve found over the last 30 years is that relational trust dynamics has affected our individual lives, our relationships both personal and at work, and that everything we do has something to do with other people.

This is why a lot of our problems occur. And, therefore, what I focus on is relational trust dynamics, yet in the sessions themselves, what I’m focusing on mostly is instilling a sense of trust. You have to be able to trust me, you have to be able to depend upon what direction we’re taking, and therefore, I realize that, and I’m very sensitive in the early stages in helping you feel comfortable while you’re here [and with developing] a sense of trust in our relationship.

The other thing that I want to impress is that we look to developing hope as quickly as we can. I think that when most people come in and they have difficulties or long-standing problems that are unresolved, one of the big difficulties is that they dwell on the negative — on the outcomes they can’t prevent or they can’t resolve.

And so what I hope to do during the first session is not just to explore who you are, what your background is, but begin to give you a sense of hope, direction, purpose — some kind of outcome that hopefully will be beneficial to your life and your situations.

The last part of what we look for — not only myself but here at Thriveworks — is results. We want you, when you leave here, to be better off than when you came. Many people, they like to talk, they want to share their particular problems, and we’re here to listen. Others are here for solutions. They’re very solution-oriented, they’re very focus-oriented, and so we tend to want to be sure that we work together and partner together, in the process and in the journey, to provide you with the results that you’re looking for in a process that is beneficial to you.

I think the most important thing is that you’re spending your money and your time to come in, and I want to value and honor that. I care greatly about your needs, what you’re looking for, and also to help educate and make you better equipped to be able to deal with your own personal life, your life in relationship with your partner and/or families, but most importantly in the workplace.

We also spend a lot of time working in executive and business coaching. We want to help the dynamics of relationships and trust in the workplace to help increase the productivity and profitability of the businesses. So whether you’re in business, in [a] family, or by yourself, or you’re in an academic setting, we want to be able to help you to be more effective, more efficient, more productive, and, therefore, a greater contributor to society.

We know that you’ll feel better and healthier as a result of that.

Thank you so much!

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