Dear Thriveworks,
I still never found the CPT codes for phone, Skype, or electronic therapy.
Are there CPT codes for online counseling services? If so, do you know what they are?
Thank you so much,


Greetings Dan,
Thanks for the question.
I might be able to provide some limited help on this one.

The CPT Code for online counseling / online therapy is 0074-T. While it has been out for many years. However, very few insurance companies will pay for it.

I also did a web search and found some additional codes for telephone and online care. I’m not sure if these are still accurate, or who pays for them.

In general, I think you’re going to struggle getting reimbursement for telephone/online counseling. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Here’s the information I found:

Telephone Services–Non-Physician Healthcare Provider

Telephone assessment and management service provided by a qualified non-physician health care professional to an established patient, parent, or guardian not originating from a related assessment and management service provided within the previous seven days nor leading to an assessment and management service or procedure within the next 24 hours or soonest available appointment;

98966  : Healthcare Provider phone call 5 to 10 minutes of medical discussion

98967  : Healthcare Provider phone call 11 to 20 minutes of medical discussion

98968  : Healthcare Provider phone call 21 to 30 minutes of medical discussion

Online Services – Non-Physician Healthcare Provider

98969  : Online service by Healthcare Provider

Again, due to reimbursement limitations, to date most online counseling services are being provided on a cash-pay basis.
I hope this helps!