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Dr. Barbara Rubin

I met Barbara Rubin nearly 10 years ago in Santa Fe at a workshop that emphasized being your authentic self. Over the course of that weekend and knowing her intimately ever since, I can tell you she brings her entire self to her clients. Dr. Rubin provides a safe...
Am I Codependent? 5 Warning Signs

Am I Codependent? 5 Warning Signs

Is it Time to End Your Love Affair with Drama and Chaos? Wouldn’t it be great if we could apply the same advice and insight to ourselves that seems to come all to easily when dissecting the lives and decisions of those closest to us. As with most things emotional...

PAIR Test Training

Looking for some training on the PAIR (i.e., the PAIR test from Below you will find two informative but rough-cut videos, totaling 29 minutes. Please note that these brief introductions are not a replacement for the PAIR Interpretive Manual, that can be...