Does life flash before our eyes when we die? Near-death experiences, strange brain activity, and death-related anxiety

Near-death experiences and what happens after we die have always been fascinating topics of debate — the idea of life “flashing” before our eyes when we die has even become a common trope. However, the brain scan of a patient who unexpectedly died while having his neural activity monitored indicates…

Fun facts about birthdays: Relative age effect, temporal landmarks, and seasonal personality traits

Hard science can begin to look like astrology when it comes to researching the importance of birthdays and season of birth (SOB).  Birthdays are proven to influence everything from your success in school and sports to your physical health.  Birthdays can serve as temporal landmarks that enhance motivation—or deepen depression….

What is intimacy? Am I afraid to be intimate?

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship: it plays a role in your romantic relationships as well as those with dear friends and family members. That said, welcoming intimacy and opening yourself to it isn’t always easy; in fact, it can be pretty difficult, especially when past experiences have…

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