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Acknowledge, accept, and embody change—Follow these three rules and watch your life transform

Positive psychology is centered around research on intentional activities. People are becoming more and more successful at transforming their lives for the better thanks to deliberate positive interventions. Focused, mindful acts—for example practicing acts of kindness, expressing gratitude, and reviewing the good things that happened in your life today—have an…

Adopting a dog can benefit your health in more ways than one: Exploring effects on heart disease, blood pressure, self-image and more

Adopting a dog can have positive effects on your health: it can reduce the risk of developing certain ailments and help with your self-image. First, dogs (and other pets) can have a positive influence on heart health; researchers say this is mostly due to the physical activity necessary to taking…

The marshmallow experiment: The link between delayed gratification and success in life

Mischel conducted the marshmallow experiment, which revealed that delaying gratification can lead to greater success in life. This experiment involved observing over 100 kids who were given two options: leave a single marshmallow on the table for 15 minutes and be rewarded with another, or eat the first marshmallow and…

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