Facing the problem of closed insurance panels? If you are like many healthcare providers today, especially providers living in densely-populated urban areas, perhaps you have reach out to an insurance company to join their network, only to have them slam the metaphorical door in your face!

A question we often receive at is “Is there anything to be done?” The short answer is Yes! Well, Maybe. There are a few things to consider.

  1. First, sometimes panels are really (really) closed. This doesn’t mean they will always be not accepting new providers, it just means that they’re not accepting new providers right now. For example United Healthcare re-evaluates their panels every 120 days (4 times a year). It’s plausible that you might have reached out to them a week before their next scheduled panel review, and that they may be accepting more providers soon.
  2. Second, many times insurance panels say they’re closed, but they’re really only “limiting” the providers they accept. A well-worded appeal letter and a convincing call to the insurance companies area representative, explaining why they really (really) need to let you on their panel could do the trick!