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Our initial review (above) was written in 2008. We are posting the review below, because it is from 2013.

I took the NCMHCE in February of 2013, and having bought the CasePro materials from AATBS, I can say without any doubt that CasePro is an inferior test prep tool, that I would not recommend to anyone. Upon taking the test, it was clear to me that the developers of CasePro have no practical experience with the current way the test is presented, which meant that most of my studying from the CasePro materials was without worth. To be specific: the format of the questions is different, the kinds of questions are different, and the way the material is organized within the real test is different, making CasePro non-reflective of the actual test! I was surprised (really, shocked is closer to the truth) by this, and after taking the test I contacted AATBS directly to offer them feedback on my experience. They were not as interested in my feedback, as I thought they would be.

As a Princeton-educated scientist, and a tutor of standardized tests like the SAT, I am able to assess quality of test prep. materials quickly. While the 3-volume set by AATBS I can heartily recommend, avoid, avoid the CasePro materials until the test developers come up with a version that adequately reflects the actual NCMHCE.

Yahvey Hoffman

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Anthony Centore

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