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Grief…it isn’t something that we think about every day. It isn’t even something we usually talk about. Sooner or later, though, we all experience the pain of loss. We grieve.

The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences we will have in our lifetime. While we know it can happen, we are never really prepared when it does. It’s a time of intense, painful emotions. It can be frightening. It can be confusing.

If you’ve lost someone, you might be wondering, “How do I do this?” “Am I supposed to feel this way?” “Should I see someone?”

These are all normal questions! Andover Grief Counseling wants to help you find answers to your questions and start your journey towards healing.

What Can I Do?

When it comes to grief, there are no quick fixes. The key to getting though a loss is to find healthy ways to cope with the feelings and situations that will arise.

  • Expect things to be different. You’ve lost an important person in your life. The way that person impacts your life will be different now.
  • Allow yourself to mourn the loss. Mourning is the way we express our feelings of loss. Acknowledge your loss in the way that is right for you or the way loss is mourned in your culture. It’s OK to express your grief.
  • Seek support from others. Losing someone can feel like a very lonely experience and isolating only intensifies those feelings. Allow others to share in your sorrow or be there when you need comfort. Sharing our pain can be comforting and healing.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take care of you. Grief can disrupt daily routines and impact our physical and emotional well-being. Getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition and getting fresh air and exercise are important in the healing process.
  • Hold off on major decisions. Grieving takes an enormous amount of mental energy. It’s difficult to make sound decisions during times of distress. It’s not the best time to be making big decisions. Postpone major decisions if you can. If you can’t, be sure to seek the advice of a trusted friend.
  • Allow yourself time to heal. It may sound cliché but time has a way of soothing the initial intense, sharp pain of loss. The feelings of loss may never go away completely but acknowledging them and allowing time to soften them can help as you move forward.
  • Grief is different for each person. The process is different for every person, even people in the same family will grieve in their own ways and in their own time. You can help each other by reaching out and lending support.
  • There is no set time frame for grieving. You can grieve for as long as you need to. There is no such thing as a set amount of time. You don’t need to “just get over it.”

When Do I Need Help?

So if a person can grieve as long as they need to, why would they need help? Sometimes, people get stuck in the grieving process. They want to move forward but they just don’t know how and just getting through the day gets harder and harder. This is when grief counseling can help.

At Andover Grief Counseling, we have experienced counselors who can help you find healthy ways to cope with your grief and get you on the path to healing. We’d like to help. Call us today to schedule your confidential appointment.

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