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Marriages break up all the time in the United States. Despite what people read, there are really no set statistics for divorce rates. So-called “experts” say that the rate is anywhere between 20 percent and 50 percent, but no-one really knows. One thing that people do know, though, is the fact that out of the divorces that do happen, a great many of them are caused through infidelity. More and more people are seeking counseling for infidelity issues in order to try to save their marriages if possible and avoid getting divorced and becoming a contested statistic.

Infidelity comes from a number of different sources. It’s important to remember that infidelity itself is not the cause but rather more the effect. In order for someone to cheat on their spouse or partner, there are usually some underlying causes beforehand:

  • The marriage/relationship is stale. The couple barely speaks to each other anymore and has nothing to say
  • The couple is no longer fulfilling each other’s needs sexually. They’ve given up on each other in the bedroom.

These basic two factors pretty much cover most of it. Dissatisfaction with each other; boredom; lack of “spark”. The couple might still truly love each other—that’s often true, in fact, but something is missing somewhere and instead of trying to work out what that is, somebody in the relationship tries to seek it elsewhere.


Perhaps the best way to deal with adultery and infidelity is with an adultery/infidelity counselor. The feelings that arise from infidelity can be devastating and at their worst can cause extreme anger, despair, depression, and even violence. Seeking counseling for adultery in order to deal with these feelings and rebuild again can be seen as a positive step.

A professional counseling service dealing with adultery and infidelity will address the following points with a couple that comes to them:

  • They will ensure that each partner in the relationship gets their full say
  • They will explore why the partnership went so far wrong that one person had to cheat
  • They will teach both parties how to forgive each other and move on with their lives.

These steps outlined above are not easy. They are extremely hard and not all couples will make it. However, professional counseling for infidelity really does increase the chances of a couple getting through this traumatic time together and out the other side. For more information on adultery counseling, please do get in contact with us in your own time.

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