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Is there anything worse than feeling lonely? It can be such a painful experience and yet many people simply don’t know how to break the cycle. It can seem impossible to meet new people or repair relationships with people in their lives. Here are a few tips that can help you more forward.

Keep your expectations realistic

At its core, loneliness is a mismatch between what you want the relationships in your life to provide and what you’re getting. One part of the solution may be to accept that not everyone relationship in your life must be a long-term relationship. Your counselor can help you look at your standards to see if you have unrealistic ideas that are making it difficult for you to connect with others. For example, some people expect too much from a new relationship while others rely on one person too much.

Focus less on yourself

Depression and loneliness often go hand in hand and depression can make a person very self-focused. Essentially, some people who are depressed have a hard time thinking beyond themselves. However, you can make great strides simply by considering other people’s needs. For example, if you invite a friend to lunch and they can’t make it, it can be helpful to fight to the urge to automatically assume that this is a rejection. The truth may be as simple as your friend having previous plans.

Work with a professional

Counselors are trained to help their clients fight through the feelings of loneliness and social isolation. No two cases are the same. While there are some general tips that can help many people, the best way to move past the way you feel today is to work with someone who can get a deep understanding of your past, present, and what you want in the future.

At Thriveworks Salem Counseling & Coaching we focus all our attention on our clients. We are here to listen, understand, and offer suggestions and advice that can help you get through this difficult time in your life.

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