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Emotional abuse is a kind of maltreatment that is elusive. It’s different to physical abuse insomuch that the abuser and the abused may not even know it’s occurring. Over the long term, in some cases, emotional abuse can be even more destructive than physical violence. It’s something that can destabilize and demoralize the victim. It can reach the point where they view themselves and the world around them differently.

This type of abuse can cripple thoughts and emotions, and the abused one can lose all feelings of self-worth. Emotional abuse has no boundaries. It can happen between a parent and child, partners and relatives. It can even occur between friends or work colleagues.

A typical emotional abuser will project their words, attitudes or actions onto their victim. They often do this with relentless frequency. What’s sad is that the abusers themselves have not dealt with their own childhood wounds. It’s a vicious cycle and one that can only be broken once the individual recognizes they have a problem. After that, they have to reach out to emotional abuse therapy counselors for guidance.

Ongoing Struggles

There are many disruptions in the life of an emotional abuse victim. How much disruption there is depends on many factors. Common everyday struggles a victim face may include:

  • Easily embarrassed and humiliated (overly sensitive)
  • Shy to confront people, especially people in authority
  • Anger and rage (sudden outbursts that they usually regret afterwards)
  • Low self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Unable to form meaningful relationships with others
  • Difficult to get along with others, even on a simple level
  • Lack of self-respect and self-worth
  • Depression or chronic misery
  • Find it difficult to see the good in anything or anyone.

The list is in fact exhaustive. The above points are some of the more typical, everyday challengers that emotionally abused folks face in their lives.

Time for Change

The good news is that no one has to put up with the way they have been suffering. There are three simple steps that could form the beginning of a better and more hopeful life.

  • Recognize your problem for what it is
  • Make a decision to do something about it
  • Call our Salem emotional abuse therapy hotline to schedule an initial appointment.

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