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The common understanding of addiction is almost always derived from alcoholism and hard drug addictions such as heroin. Whilst these are some of the major addictions in our society, they are by no means the only forms. Addictions can be developed to a wide variety of substances and behaviors and addiction is a particularly complex area of mental health disorders. As a result of this complexity, professional help in the form of addiction counseling is often recommended.

Addiction is a state defined by the inability of a person to control his or her using, taking or doing of a substance or behavior until it becomes potentially harmful. Broadly speaking, there are two classes of addiction – physical and psychological. Physical addictions, such as alcoholism and heroin addiction, are caused by physiological dependencies – if the substance is removed, withdrawal symptoms will occur in the addict and these can often be dangerous.

Psychological addiction, on the other hand, is defined by a compulsion or a perceived requirement to consume the addictive substance or undertake the addictive behavior. An example would be a workaholic who feels driven to work and cannot stop him- or herself from following the usual pattern of behavior.

The Causes Of Addiction

The causes of addiction for every individual are not completely understood. As with many diseases, it is a mixture of genetics, family history and the environment that the person lives in that causes an addiction to develop. It is estimated that 50% of the risk of developing an addiction is driven by one’s genetics and family history; the other 50% is driven by the environment and the exposure to certain substances and behaviors.

Counseling For Addiction

Treating addiction is not simply a case of taking a pill or a vaccine. It often requires careful rehabilitation through talk-based addiction therapy over a long period of time. Whilst for some the physical dependency can often be cured, the drive to lapse back into addiction can be triggered by a wide array of stimuli that addicts will be exposed to in their daily life. This is why addiction counseling is important – to provide the addict with the necessary tools to fight against these triggers as they arise.

Here at Thriveworks Salem we recognize that no single approach is appropriate for every patient. The right treatment plan is always tailored to the individual’s needs. So why not reach out to us now to book your first addiction counseling session.

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