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Anorexia and bulimia have affected around 30 million people in U.S. alone. These eating disorders may seem superficial at first, but looking at them more closely will tell you that they put a serious risk to the health and to the life of the person. However, these cases may still be treated and even prevented with the Andover counseling for anorexia and bulimia.

Eating disorders are curable but unfortunately, only 10 percent of the affected population are getting the treatment, leaving more cases unresolved. This report is stated by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

What are the other important causes of anorexia and bulimia?

There will be women who aspire to strut the runway in their skinny frames, or those women who will starve themselves to death to achieve their ideal body weight. It may be quick to attribute the causes of anorexia and bulimia to these everyday scenes we see in magazines and television, but the truth is that these eating disorders can be attributed to other factors. These factors should also be considered:

1. The person’s genetics can affect the risk of getting a disorder. A person who has family members who are also experiencing an eating disorder is more likely to develop an eating disorder as well. Genes also play a major role in the person’s behavior and other eating patterns.

2. The person’s previous experiences which can affect her ideal image of his/her body can also
affect the perception of a healthy and ideal body.

3. Mental health issues can also cause eating disorders.

4. The person’s knowledge on the right and healthy diet can affect his/her eating habits.

5. The person’s environmental influence also plays an important role in his/her body image.

What are the most commonly observed symptoms of Eating Disorders?

  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Obsession over body image and weight.
  • Vicious cycle of feeling shame and guilt after eating.
  • Observing a restrictive diet that is designed to suppress the body from the nutrients that it needs.
  • Episodes of eating alternated with vomiting of food intake.
  • Feeling of shame or guilt after eating.

What are the biggest risks to the person’s health and when to start the treatment?

The effects of eating disorders are both short term and long term. The most critical will be the impact to the person’s health. Nutrition imbalance can cause serious illnesses that can even his/her your life at risk. For people with bulimia, choking one’s vomit can lead to asphyxiation or the cut-off of oxygen supply.

On top of these serious physical ailments, people who are suffering from eating disorders can also experience mental instability. They have the tendency to suffer from depression as well. What is even more worrisome is that studies have shown strong correlation between suicide and eating disorders.

Put a stop to these disorders and start with the Andover counseling for anorexia and bulimia.

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