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Being diagnosed with a personality disorder can be an overwhelming experience. While it may feel frightening the truth is that getting a proper diagnosis is the first step toward healing. Once you understand what personality disorders are – and how they can be treated – you may feel differently about your diagnosis.

Discover how to get your emotions under control

Treatment plans are created for individuals and there is no A-Z list of steps to take that fits everyone. However, it’s often the case that the first step is getting emotions under control. Both therapies and medications can help with this.

Many people seek counseling for personality disorder

Feeling that you’re the only person in the world struggling with these disorders can be alienating but the truth is that as many as 30% of people who seek help for mental health issues are eventually diagnosed with a personality disorder.

There are numerous types of personality disorders

Personality disorder is an umbrella term for many different types of disorders fitting under it. Most of them fit into three basic categories which are called “clusters.” The best way to move forward depends on the particular cluster a personality disorder falls under – amongst other criteria.

Counseling for personality disorders focuses on core beliefs

Everyone has certain beliefs about themselves, the world, and other people around them. However, a core belief is something that is totally rigid and inflexible. People with personality disorders have to learn how their specific core beliefs are developed over time and how to break them.

Counselors experienced with personality disorders can help you understand these core beliefs, understand the specifics of your disorder, and find the right way to move forward in your life. Thriveworks Littleton Counseling and Coaching has counselors ready to help change your life.

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