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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and stressful things that a person can experience in their lifetime. Grief is a very serious emotion and difficult to deal with alone. While we all understand that death is natural — even when it is expected — we are left to deal with a flood of emotions. The form of counseling that is helpful in this situation is grief counseling, sometimes also known as bereavement counseling.

You may feel embarrassed or hesitant to seek counseling when you have not experienced a traditional type of loss, such as the death of a spouse or parent. However, the loss of a pet, a missing person, or another type of loss such as divorce, can also cause feelings of grief. Whatever the source of grief, feelings and emotions are real. Seeking a grief counselor in times of need is a sign of healthy attention to your thought life and emotions.

At times, we may be able to process grief smoothly, without outside help. At other times, the feelings may become too much to bear. Signs that grief is becoming overwhelming may include uncontrollable crying, lack of interest in activities that formerly provided joy, or problems with substance abuse. Also, a person that is struggling with grief may take great strides to avoid any reminder of the person that has passed away, and may become isolated in their home. Feelings of anger and resentment are also common.

Thriveworks grief counselors are experts in their field. They are licensed professionals, ready and able to help in your time of loss. Our counselors and therapists have been featured in many reputable news outlets and academic publications such as CNN and Counseling Today. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

We have appointments available in the next 24 hours for most new clients. We are just a phone call or a message away.

It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey of healing.

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