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Over the years we have all heard proverbs like “Knowledge is power” and “Knowing is half the battle.” When it comes to investigating underlying causes of emotions and behavior, psychological testing and assessment may be able to help. At Thriveworks, we have licensed psychological examiners (LPEs) who specialize in performing psychological testing, using some of the latest methods backed by decades of research and development.

Many people may wonder whether they need psychological testing or not. Psychological testing can help ensure therapists and other health-care providers treat mental health conditions accurately. Physicians often recommend psychological testing for conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, or trauma before prescribing medications. Psychological testing can help health-care professionals treat the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms. Testing and assessments can help tease out other diagnostic considerations, which results in better outcomes for the client and, hopefully, more efficient treatment.

There are several types of psychological assessments, many of which are performed in our office.

Achievement and aptitude tests measure knowledge and capability, which can help direct clients in educational and career development.

Intelligence tests measure a person’s decision-making abilities, processing capabilities, and how people interact with others and the environment. Assessments can help gauge a client’s potential, which may affect relationships, career plans, etc.

Objective personality tests may help determine fitness for duty, custody and adoption, or relationship and career work.

Please discuss with your examiner your motivations for being tested, and the clinician can determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for testing services.

At Thriveworks Conway, we also perform ADHD and autism evaluations, which often consist of an intelligence test and other assessment measures that evaluate various aspects of behavior and personality.

If you are curious about the driving force behind your behaviors, or you are seeking diagnostic clarification, psychological testing is an excellent choice. You might need a second opinion to confirm or dispute results from another health-care professional.

Consider scheduling a free consultation with a clinician, who can help determine how psychological testing and assessment can help you. You NEED all the facts to make an informed decision, and our well-versed and experienced clinicians are here to help.

Our experts guarantee your appointment will be a priority, and we will expedite results because we know your time is important. Call us today for your appointment today

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