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Is a wedding in your future? Are you spending time discussing seating arrangements, menus, and flowers? Are you watching the response cards come in, without even knowing for sure that you want to go through with the wedding? Or perhaps you are not quite to this point yet. You and your significant other are contemplating engagement and marriage, but you have a lot of things to discuss first.

Whatever the reason that has brought you to this page, we are glad you have found us. The professionals at Thriveworks Conway premarital counseling are ready and able to help you prepare for your wedding and more importantly, your marriage.

Some officiates, such as pastors or priests, require that couples go through premarital counseling before they will perform a wedding ceremony. This is commonly done to provide a firm foundation for the beginning of a wedding. Marriage is a serious endeavor, and should not be entered into without serious consideration. In some states, those wishing to get married before the age of 18 must undergo premarital counseling as required by law.

Preparing for a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. There are a great many details to coordinate, and decisions to be made. In addition, choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone is not an easy decision either.

A wedding can be one of the most joyful events in your life, but it can also be one of the most fearful, and one of the most important. Taking the time to prepare for this momentous decision by participating in premarital counseling is a wise and mature decision. This is true of any couple, whatever their age or socioeconomic status.

Premarital Counseling: Occasionally Optional, Always Helpful

Planning a wedding can be very stressful with all of the family members to deal with, preferences to sort out, and decisions to make. There are budgets to consider, complicated relationships to navigate, and new people to meet. This may be the most time you have spent with your new in-laws. This can be a lot to deal with alone. Even the happiest and most stable couples can experience challenges when planning and preparing for a wedding. An experienced premarital counselor can help you navigate these challenges.

We have all heard the statistics about the failure of marriage. There is no need to let you and your fiancé turn into one of those failures. Starting out with the most preparation is the safest way you can begin a marriage. We will all experience hardships in our relationships and in our marriages. This is part of the package of a relationship. The key is to be prepared and have communication tools to deal with the problems that will arise.

Marriage is not easy. Relationships require hard work and commitment. Choosing to engage in premarital counseling is an excellent first step in making your marriage work. You and your fiancé do not have to be just another statistic.

Why Choose Thriveworks Conway Premarital Counseling?

If you are considering premarital counseling, Thriveworks counselors are the right choice. Through premarital counseling, couples will definitely learn to create vital abilities to connect in the marital relationship, recognize potential dispute areas, as well as discover the best ways to navigate their way through life’s challenges.

The clinicians at Thriveworks Conway premarital counseling and therapists are experts in their field. They are respected leaders in their community and have been published in leading publications, such as the Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Psychiatric Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Journal of Mental Health Counseling. We are ready to put our expertise to work for your relationship.

Premarital Counseling: Good for the Couple, Good for the Individual

Studies have shown that premarital counseling can actually minimize separation fears and pre-marriage anxieties. While undergoing counseling, we also believe that each member of the relationship also seems to gain a lot of insight from the counseling sessions. Better understanding of their partnership, and also into one’s self has been mentioned, as well as discovering skills helpful in various other relationships in life.

As with most types of therapy and counseling some of the benefits include:

  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Patience
  • Avoiding dependency and co-dependency
  • Having realistic expectations of others
  • Contentment
  • Developing coping skills

Therapy or counseling does not imply you have a problem. Rather, it indicates that you are prepared and wise in trying to prevent future problems. Whether it is required by the person officiating your wedding, or you and your partner have decided to participate on your own, it is an excellent decision.

When Should Couples Begin Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is usually sought “pre-marriage,” during the official engagement period. However, it is also useful when you are thinking about popping the big question. There is a trend to call this “pre-engagement” counseling, although that term has not yet become very popular. Premarital therapy could be useful for those that are unsure of the next step in their relationship, feeling as if they are floundering without direction. If one of the partners in a relationship is feeling uncertain of the future with their partner, it can be very unsettling and stressful for the other person. It will be very beneficial to discuss this in the safe and open environment of the counseling office. Many clients find that it is much easier to express certain things in the comfort and safety of the therapist’s office. Having a trained mediator in the room can help navigate difficult subjects and topics.

Thriveworks premarital counseling can also assist and educate couples on just what to expect in their 1st, or 10th year of marriage.

Naturally, pre-marital counseling will cover the big life choices such as:

  • Common interests and leisure activities
  • Role expectations
  • Communication styles
  • Religion and worship attendance
  • Household duties and expectations
  • Budget and finance
  • Family planning
  • Education and parenting of future children
  • Political beliefs
  • Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Needs for space and privacy
  • Where the family unit will reside
  • Finances and debt
  • Occupations and careers
  • Holiday expectations and travel
  • Relationships with extended family and in-laws

Do not fear that undergoing a type of therapy called “premarital counseling” means that you absolutely have to get married after finishing your sessions. In fact, some couples discover through the course of counseling that it is best if they do not take their relationship to the next level. The choice will be up to you and your partner, after you have explored your relationship in a deep and meaningful way.

Begin Preparing for Your Marriage Today

Thriveworks counselors are ready and able to help, starting right away. Most offices operate with long waiting lists, hard to contact therapists, and short hours. At Thriveworks, we pride ourselves on being different. We recognize that it may have been very difficult for you to make this first call. For that reason, we want to ready when you are.

Prepare for your wedding today. More importantly, give your marriage the best start possible. Call Thriveworks premarital counseling at 501-404-9737.

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My interactions in the past two years with all Thriveworks employees have been positive. The staff at Thriveworks Conway and Maumelle exemplify true caring for their clients and conduct themselves in a most professional manner. I have no reservations in recommending them to my friends and family members.
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My depression and anxiety were taken over my life and I knew I had to make a change. Just like everyone else I thought I didn't need counseling. After my first session with Kristen G., I knew God had placed me with a compassionate, and caring therapist. Without a doubt I would recommend Thriveworks and their team of professionals
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Top Notch Facility

Thriveworks is a top notch facility with great after hour scheduling. The environment is very inviting and peaceful. Therapist work diligently to serve their clients with the highest quality of therapy. Kristen Grubbs is one of the exemplary therapist and is highly recommended.
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Kristen Grubbs

Kristen Grubbs Is an exceptionally great therapist. She takes time to listen and understand her client needs and works with care, compassion, and integrity to ensure that their counseling needs are met.
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Letha RIchardson

Letha is a person who is blessed to be doing exactly what she was meant to do in life. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and her patients will benefit greatly from this approach. When you combine her compassion and her commitment she will be a pleasure to work with.
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Letha Richardson ROCKS!!!

Letha is one of those special people that instantly puts you at ease & makes you feel like you have known her for all of your life. She constantly shares emphatic wisdom and knowledge with a God focused foundation, and an awesome sense of humor. She has been such a blessing in my life, as I know she will be to all those she counsels. Her compassion for other people is inexhaustible!! Thriveworks is blessed by having Letha Richardson as a counselor - she ROCKS at it !!!
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Letha Richardson

By having Letha as an employee you have a good one. She loves being a councilor. She is very outgoing and observant of the people she is in contact with. She will be an excellent employee.
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Friendly Staff and relaxing atmosphere!

The people who work here are incredibly welcoming and friendly! I love and appreciate how I instantly feel at home at Thriveworks. The atmosphere is also very calming in general; less like an office building, more like a home. 😁
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All of the staff at are amazing people! I stopped going because of my insurance but I'm definitely planning on going back!
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Very easy

Very easy to start talking for initial visit
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Put me at ease

Only had one session so far but Hollie instantly put me at ease and I am looking forward to seeing her again next week!
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Felt very comfortable

Felt very comfortable with my therapist. Witch is very had for me. Really need a Phyc. Though. Thank you
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Fantastic Experience

Curtiss has used his talent and unparalleled ethical standards to assemble a team of Therapists that are skilled and caring. The office atmosphere and client care offered by this agency are incredible. I highly recommend Conway to anyone considering life coaching or counseling services.
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I had the pleasure of working with on an advertising project. Their communication was great and they were easy to work with. Judging from my experience with their team I would recommend them, and say they are professional in the way they conduct business.
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Friendly and Qualified

I refer clients to with confidence, knowing that their friendly and qualified counselors will provide the same quality care I pursue personally.
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Terrific staff and easy to work with! Curtis takes pride in his work and that of his staffs! Awesome people!!
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

Beyond helpful

My experience continues to exceed my expectations. The coaching I have received has helped me grow professionally and personally!
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

is Amazing!

The professional counselors and coaches at are extremely professional and have their clients' best interests at heart. From the moment you walk in the front door, everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and am currently receiving professional coaching. I have already made changes to my daily routine that has given me more energy and more time for my family. I directly associate those positive life changes to the coaching I've received at Thriveworks, and highly recommend Curtiss and his staff!
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Changed my business

The staff at are great. I became a networking partner with Curtiss Robinson and with some executive coaching my business is booming. I enjoy my time at as well as all the helpful tips and tricks I've been shown to help increase my own business. The atmosphere and office are.inviting and friendly with very little wait time to see who you are there to see. Exellent group of people and highly recommended.
Thriveworks Counseling Conway

GREAT Service!!

Great experience with several staff at Thriveworks. Great therapists and lovely office. They were on time for appointments and I enjoyed the beverage station if I arrived early. I would highly recommend their staff and facility right here in Conway!
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