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Jessica loves her job—and she also loves her family, too. She’s a busy woman, balancing multiple responsibilities. Who could blame her if things get a little hectic from time to time? 

But Jessica thinks something else might be causing her to forget important events, get irritable at the worst moments, and lose her head when she needs to be calm and collected. That’s why Jessica’s been researching ADHD therapy, and wants to talk to a therapist about whether she could benefit from treatment. 

If Jessica’s situation sounds familiar, and you’re looking for answers, it’s possible that ADHD therapy at Thriveworks Conway, AR is the natural next step. Our providers have years’ of experience treating the symptoms of ADHD, and can help you understand and manage your condition successfully. 

What Is ADHD Counseling?

ADHD therapy (or counseling) is a collection of treatment methods that target, tackle, and treat the many symptoms of ADHD. ADHD therapy typically involves meeting one-on-one with a therapist (or in some cases a psychiatric professional) who can help the individual to start making positive changes to counteract their ADHD symptoms. 

ADHD therapy can help to treat symptoms such as:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Irritability
  • Short attention span
  • Poor time management skills
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts
  • And more

ADHD therapy also educates clients about the nature of their condition, and through better understanding, the goal is to increase the client’s ability to cope with ADHD’s effects. ADHD therapy may or may not involve supplementary psychiatric care. The pairing of psychiatric medications and therapeutic approaches often proves effective in treating ADHD. 

Do I Need ADHD Counseling?

In most cases, adults will choose to attend ADHD therapy on their own—while children and teens will discuss the matter with their parents or a legal guardian. While the choice is personal, the evidence is clear: ADHD therapy can significantly improve someone’s ability to cope with ADHD symptoms, boosting their quality of life in the process.

Some indications that you might benefit from ADHD therapy include: 

  • You struggle to meet deadlines at work, home, or academically 
  • You tend to lose personal items constantly, making you late or overly-stressed
  • You get irritated easily, especially when you feel overwhelmed
  • You often start projects without finishing them
  • Experiencing small errors or hurdles in daily life as insurmountable obstacles
  • Having a lot of energy, but struggling to apply it to productive tasks or goals

If any of the above symptoms have been a fairly constant factor in your daily life, it’s possible (but not a guarantee) that you have undiagnosed ADHD. Talking with a professional can help reduce the negative consequences of these symptoms.  

What Are the Benefits of ADHD Therapy?

As mentioned above, the primary benefit of ADHD therapy is that it reduces the unwanted effects of the condition. But more specifically, ADHD therapy can help you to: 

  • Feel (and be) more productive at work, home, and in your personal goals
  • Relax when you need to—no more struggling to sleep or enjoy time with loved ones
  • Avoid procrastinating on important deadlines
  • Reduce impulsive behaviors, such as being overly talkative or displaying a tendency to fidget
  • Avoid certain foods and beverages that might exacerbate your symptoms
  • Find added support from an ADHD medication (if needed) that pairs well with your lifestyle and mental health needs 
  • And much more

If it seems like you could benefit from ADHD therapy, then consider reaching out to a mental health professional at Thriveworks Conway, AR. 

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Here at Thriveworks Conway, AR, our providers can offer you the support and guidance you seek. And with the added benefits of being a Thriveworks client, you’ll have access to: 

  • In-network coverage with most insurance providers
  • Mental health help when and where you need it
  • Instant scheduling for both in-person and online sessions
  • The ability to schedule online or by phone
  • Personalized mental health care for your unique needs

Don’t let untreated ADHD rob you of your time and peace of mind. Thriveworks Conway, AR is here to assist: Schedule your first appointment today by booking online or giving us a call.

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