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Daniel enjoys going out with his friends on the weekends—and sometimes, week nights. As they’ve all gotten older, some of Dan’s friends have slowed down, but Dan hasn’t. In fact, sometimes they all like to make a joke or two about the fact that Dan’s tendency to drink a little too much might be affecting his life. 

It was funny, for a while. But recently, Dan’s girlfriend left him after countless arguments and broken promises surrounding his love of drinking. Alone, frustrated, and feeling powerless, Dan’s looking to talk with a substance abuse counselor; someone who has the experience to understand his situation, and the empathy required to help guide him toward a healthier lifestyle.

Perhaps your situation isn’t identical to Dan’s; but it’s possible that you’re seeking substance abuse counseling for yourself or someone you love. With Thriveworks Substance Abuse Counseling in Conway, AR, you can rest assured that our experienced providers know how to treat all types of addictive habits and substance-related issues.  

How Can Substance Abuse Counseling in Conway, AR Help Me?

Thriveworks Substance Abuse Counseling in Conway, AR uses a set of therapeutic methods and techniques that help individuals of all walks of life to loosen the grip that addictive substances may have on their daily life. Substance abuse counseling can help to resolve or reduce dependency or addiction to: 

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • MDMA
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids
  • Caffeinated beverages and supplements
  • And many other addictive substances

Substance abuse counseling is often (but not always) used to treat substance use disorder. This is a condition that often manifests the following symptoms: 

  • Difficulty quitting a substance, such as alcohol
  • Continuing to abuse a substance, despite the potential health effects or consequences
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, nausea, sweating, or hallucinations during attempts to stop using or consuming a substance
  • Negative effects to one’s social, professional, or romantic life
  • An increased tolerance to the substance(s) of choice

Substance abuse counseling helps to reduce the mental health effects of struggling with addictive substances—and substance abuse counselors are experts at lending a helping hand.

What Is a Substance Abuse Counselor? 

A substance abuse counselor is a mental health professional who specializes in treating substance use-related issues. They may use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help clients cope with withdrawals, stress, shame, and anxiety, and more. 

Some commonly used substance abuse counseling techniques include: 

Working with Thriveworks Substance Abuse Counseling in Conway, AR could offer you new ways to cope with and even eliminate your substance abuse-related symptoms. Of course, the most important step is to reach out for help—and from there, a substance abuse counselor can assist by offering proven methods of treatment to reduce your dependency and substance use altogether.

Are There Substance Abuse Counselors Near Me?

We offer substance abuse counseling at Thriveworks in Conway, AR, providing industry-leading assistance with all types of substance use-related issues. And, we even offer online counseling options for those who want added convenience and comfort. 

Partnering together with a therapist or psychiatric provider who specializes in substance abuse counseling is an important step toward regaining freedom and independence in your daily life.  

Schedule with Thriveworks Substance Abuse Counseling in Conway, AR 

In substance abuse counseling at Thriveworks in Conway, AR, you’ll be able to meet with a professional within 7 days—and have access to a wide variety of client benefits that many other providers struggle to match, including: 

  • Affordable therapy options often covered by insurance—Thriveworks is in network with the nation’s leading insurance providers 
  • Appointments when you need them: Same-week sessions means you’ll typically be able to see your provider the week you schedule the appointment. 
  • Flexible appointment styles: Meet online with your provider, or in person 
  • Personalized care, catered to your individual needs—and from counselors who can relate to your life experiences

Finding out the best course of action when you’re struggling with substance abuse can be difficult. Put the power back in your hands, with substance abuse counseling at Thriveworks. 

Book online, or give us a call to get started today. 

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