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As parents, we want the best for our children. When our children struggle, we struggle. When our children are in pain, we are in pain.

Individuals who aren’t parents (or persons who have never had a child going through difficult times) often don’t know how difficult (and how complicated) being a good parent can be. Situations are not always black and white and often it feels like the majority of the time we are landing within the grey spectrum.  People are learning  that the challenges children face today are nothing like the childhood challenges we grew up with only a few years ago.

It’s not simply a bully pushed your child on the playground, or they bad mouthed a teacher in school. Modern society has changed the game for what it means to grow up. Your child is constantly exposed to thousands of opinions, images, videos, and songs that impact their behavior and their mental health. Learning how to prepare for challenges and how to deal with them is a new ball game then the previous generation.

New Issues Include:

  • The high levels of stress and academic pressure
  • Bullying, now in person and online
  • An uncertain future
  • Early exposure to drugs and alcohol
  • Early exposure to sexual content and issues
  • Exposure to unobtainable physical “standards”
  • Societal peer pressure
  • Trend acceptance
  • and much more

If you’re on this page, any number of reasons might have brought you here. You could be here because of behavioral or discipline issues with your child. You could be on this page because you suspect your child could be struggling with ADHD or an Eating Disorder. You could be on this page because your child has recently experienced a trauma or a loss and you don’t know what to do.

No matter what the issue, we want to help. The licensed therapists at Thriveworks, every year, help thousands of children and adolescents (and their parents) overcome a spectrum of difficult life and developmental issues.  We only hire the most skilled counselors we can find and many of our clinicians have been featured on major news networks  as experts such as CNN, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and Counseling Today.

Our Mission

We believe raising your children should be a joyful memorable experience. Each person is unique which means each family is too. We want to partner with you, and we want to help your family experience healing, growth, and increased happiness and unity. Let us make this an enjoyable experience for you. Let us give you the necessary tools to give your child the best opportunity to thrive and become the very best individual they can possibly be.

When you call, we will strive to set you up an appointment that is convenient for you and your family this week, if not within 24 hours.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s improve your child’s life together.

Call us today at 501-404-9737 to set up your first session. We look forward to meeting you!

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