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Meet Joseph

Everyday, Joseph hits his favorite bar at 4pm. The bartenders know him by name and he orders the same two beers. It started out as a celebratory gesture when he landed a major promotion within his office, but it transformed into a routine.  He refuses to miss his time spent at the bar, even if it means he has to go alone. He says he can’t handle the rest of the week if he doesn’t get his “Happy Hour” in. It’s progressed into his life where he has multiple drinks at home every day, even when alone.

Addiction is Everywhere

Addiction is a real problem that many individuals struggle with across the globe. They come in all shapes and sizes and can strike at any point in life. Addiction is not picky about its victims and is crippling. Many individuals facing addiction don’t even realize they have a problem until it begins to affect every aspect of their life. They can’t sleep, think, work, or function without it creeping into their thoughts.

Thriveworks Conway Counseling helps individuals beat their addictions once and for all. Our therapy services don’t simply put a band aid on the issue, we strive to create a process for healing that will last.

Maybe you don’t think your “habit” is a problem.  Maybe you don’t rely on alcohol or drugs as your happy place. Sex, food, gambling, exercise, even the Internet can all be addictive. Everyone has a soft spot for something, it’s how we allow these things affect us destructively and whether or not we become dependent on them that is the key.

When we are dependent on something, sometimes we blame our stress, boredom, or relationship issues. Most often, we use them to mask other underlying problems we are struggling with.

One Call Away

Thriveworks can help. Our Conway location is one phone call away. We know taking this first step is difficult, which is why we believe in making the process of getting started in therapy as easy as possible. When you call our office, you will find that we have no waiting list. In fact, you will be scheduled right away (most frequently within 24 hours).
Visit our Conway counseling location and experience having your freedom again.    

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