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It’s 6 am and you haven’t gotten any sleep because your 4-month-old doesn’t care that you’re running on three hours of sleep a night. There’s a blizzard outside because the weather doesn’t care that you have a big presentation at work you can’t be late for. The flu definitely doesn’t care that you have a final exam tomorrow.

Fortunately, Thriveworks Conway does care. So much of our lives are completely out of our hands, and when life throws us a curveball, it can sometimes knock us off course for a while. Thriveworks Conway is working to remove as many of these roadblocks that are preventing you from getting back on the right track. And online counseling is helping us do it!

Online counseling, also known as telehealth, cyber counseling, teletherapy, e-counseling, or e-therapy has been around for decades and originated as online self-help groups and mental health hotlines. It’s evolved immensely since then and now offers personalized mental health services with a licensed counselor. Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, life transitions—if you can talk about it face-to-face, you can talk about it virtually with one of Thriveworks Conway’s skilled, caring providers via online counseling. Call (501) 404-9737 to schedule your appointment.

What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling with Thriveworks Conway is a way to meet with professional, licensed counselors without leaving your home. There are are several ways to do this: Some people prefer a simple video call. Others use prefer phone calls or even email correspondence.

One of the benefits to online counseling is the quick, flexible scheduling. With Thriveworks Conway, you can schedule a time to meet with your counselor virtually just like you would face-to-face, only you will likely have greater flexibility in scheduling! Rather than waiting a couple days or weeks to have your first appointment, you’ll typically be able to schedule a same-day or next-day online counseling appointment.

Now, a concern of online counseling is that the sessions will be recorded or hacked. Thriveworks Conway takes all the necessary precautions to keep your information safe, just as we do in face-to-face counseling. We never record conversations. Our focus in always on providing you with the best mental health care possible, and that means keeping the focus on you. What are your goals? Dreams? Fears? A Thriveworks Conway counselor will be able to explore those questions and more with you.

Why Choose Online Counseling at Thriveworks Conway?

Online counseling is effective and preferred by many for several reasons. These include:

  • Utmost convenience: Hectic schedules don’t change because you want to go to therapy. However, counseling online can help you save time as well as the drive to a counseling office. You don’t even have to leave your house. You can wear pajamas if you want!
  • You can take counseling with you wherever you go: When you go on a trip or move to a new location, you have to pause or even cancel the counseling relationship you’ve formed with your counselor. If you really click with them, it can be hard to start new somewhere else. With online therapy you don’t have to skip sessions or start over; the relationship you’ve formed and progress you’ve made can stay with you wherever you go.
  • Fighting against the stigma and anxiety: Thriveworks Conway is nonjudgmental and empathetic. Although the stigma against mental health has decreased dramatically, it is still prevalent in many communities today. On top of that, anxiety about going to see a counselor is common. This is especially true for young adults and teenagers, who despite being at a higher risk for mental health concerns are proportionally receiving less counseling than the rest of the population. Online therapy removes that layer of anxiety and lowers the chance of being negatively stereotyped by peers.
  • Affordability: Many people are concerned about the cost related to online counseling. Thriveworks Conway can assure you that in most cases, it is just as inexpensive as face-to-face therapy. Most major insurance plans now cover video counseling as well as phone counseling. If you have any questions about insurance and online counseling, or about our self-pay option, give us a call.

The benefits of online counseling go far behind just those listed above. Some research has shown that online counseling results in clients opening up faster and making valuable progress with their therapist. Of course, this all depends on your personality and situation. In any case, know that Thriveworks Conway treats our online counseling sessions with the same amount of preparation, seriousness, and dedication as our face-to-face sessions. The mode in which counseling occurs does not change our values and mission.

Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment at Thriveworks Conway Today

Getting back up after life knocks you down is hard. But healing and growing toward a place you want to be is more than possible—with the right support and knowledge, it’s likely. Thriveworks Conway online counselors are excited to partner with you as you travel toward a happier, healthier you. If you are ready to try online counseling or have any questions, give Thriveworks Conway, AR a call at (501) 404-9737.

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