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Substance Abuse Couples Recovery – Counselors and Therapists in Charlotte

Who is it for?

Committed couples that include one member in recovery from substance use disorder and their supportive partner. 60 days sobriety is required.


8 session series on Tuesday nights from 6:15 to 7:30 PM

Topics include:

  • Is the party over? How does recovery impact our social lives?
  • Reestablishing intimacy
  • Communication
  • Processing resentments
  • What if they relapse?
  • Regaining Trust
  • How does the spouse compete with a recovery program?
  • Re-entering the family system: I’m a Hero! Why don’t you treat me like one?
  • Shame and Anonymity
  • Therapy Fatigue

About the facilitators:

Kim and Matt Matone have been married for 23 years in a relationship that was impacted directly by many years of substance abuse. Together they own Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching.

Kim has been a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist for the past 16 years and is a Masters candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She currently works with men and women in recovery at a sober living community in Charlotte. Matt is a NC Certified Peer Support Specialist in long term recovery from substance use disorder. Through sharing their personal story of hope, they want to help other couples recover and Thrive.

Contact Matt at 704-507-0387 for more information or to register

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